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Enlightenment is a window manager for the X11 windowing system. Its design goal is to be as configurable as possible - in look AND in feel.




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Related Projects


GTK2/enlightenment file-manager. Browser-view a la NeXT/Step, Icon-/thumbnails-view a la efm. Fully themable. Microshell. Themes, thumbnailers and metadata providers (MP3/ID3, Ogg, EXIF, ...) are plugins -- you don't load what you don't need, no bloat.


VFolders Menu Generator. Generates window manager menu (icewm, blackbox, fluxbox, window maker, xfce4, aewm, afterstep, fvwm2, olvwm, qvwm, enlightenment, xpde, fbpanel, openbox) from desktop files conforming the freedesktop.org (XDG) menu specification.

Eoe - Eye of Enlightenment

A light weight, simple image viewer of Enlightenment. Written with EWL(Enlightened Widget Library).

Defl - D Language Bindings for the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries

D language bindings for the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries.

PrimeE17 Enlightenment e17

PE17 is Enlightenment e17 running on Debian Squeeze 32/64 and Sid 64. Live DVD or installed to desktop. Includes engage, places, calendar modules, Remastersys, Firefox, Gimp, etc.

Color-gadget - Google Desktop Gadget - Color Gadget

Enlighten your Text with a Background of Changing Colors.

Efl-research - A research project of how the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries can be improved

A research project that aims to study the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries and suggest improvements to them in various ways and places.

Eflcodeexample - Enlightenment foundation library example code

Enlightenment foundation library example code : All my code with EFL, little code to see how the EFL works. with many comments on the code !

ExLight 32bit Linux Live DVD

ExLight 13.04 32bit Linux Live DVD with Enlightenment 17