Engine Framework

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A Simple PHP ORM Framework. Uses Annotations JPA Style for metadata. More info, tutorials and news at http://seelaz.com.br




Related Projects

Redengine - C++/OpenGL Game Engine

Game Engine(Framework) written in C++ using the OpenGL 3.3 API and the SFML 2.0 Library for rendering and windowing.

Thrithon - WEB engine based on Java, XML and XSL technologies

Thrithon is a simple but powerful WEB engine/framework based on Java, XML and XSL technologies. This project is distributed under open-source GPL license, you can freely download, learn and extend any part of this project

Engine-framework - Hemi: An Engine for Web Applications

Engine for Web Applications is a services and HTML5 framework. Hemi JavaScript Framework is the project name for Engine version 3. Hemi may be used alongside most Web frameworks and libraries. Custom components can be loaded externally or easily built into the framework, deployed as separate script packages or as application components. Key features include managing application interdependencies and bootstrapping (tasking), messaging, inter-object transactions, configuration, dynamic runtime com


Agro2D is a 2D game engine/framework for XNA. At present Agro2D includes the following functionality: input mapping and abstraction, loading of levels and sprites from XML, scene management: layering and drawing, a flexible animation system, a camera system, per-pixel and boun...

Turntable - Game engine/framework???

Game engine/framework???

pyp - python based adventure game engine/framework

python based adventure game engine/framework


HadesEngine is a completely free engine/framework optimized for browsergames

lge - little game engine, a 2.5d mmo game engine(framework). easy to use

little game engine, a 2.5d mmo game engine(framework). easy to use


An open-source effort in creating a web-comics engine/framework for digital artists / creators. for deployment of comic issues/storys on the web, utilising the best of design and browser capabilities. working well across all devices.