Engineering tools on OSX

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A collection of useful software packages to perform engineering tasks, especially electrical engineering and chip design. All packages come as shrink-wrapped installers for Apple's Mac OS X.



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Brakejob - HandBrake helper to batch encode TV show DVDs with additional subtitle support

News(6/10/10) Version 0.1.1 released Improved support for finding the HandBrakeCLI binary. Also works cross-platform! OSX and Linux versions should actually work now Added --version option What is BrakeJobBrakeJob is a command line (CLI) "wrapper" for HandBrakeCLI that adds a few features missing from HandBrake, most notably smart batch encoding of TV show discs and batch subtitle support. BrakeJob scans the specified input folder for all subfolders containing DVD images. Each DVD is intelligent

Osx-pomodoro-timer-growl - A timer for pomodoro with growl notifications and logging

This is a bash script to handle pomodori spent. It uses growl for notifications and logs time spent on a file. It requires the GNU gdate command to handle dates and growl to show notifications. Installation: download the latest version archive here; unzip wherever you want; cd to that folder; chmod +x pomo_eng to add running privileges; ./pomo_eng & to run it and... Enjoy! Credits: The pomodoro technique has been developed by Francesco Cirillo. See .