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Endo is a simple, powerful 3D modeling program. It is good for making low-poly models for video games, and the like. Future version will provide texturing and rigging support.




Related Projects

Circadia - Circadian Rhythm Display and Analysis Using the Enthought Python Suite

I would like to learn how to use some of the tools and libraries which come with the Enthought edition of Python. This is a version of python which comes packaged with a number of tools for data analysis and visualisation which are particularly useful for scientists. I thought that whilst learning I could create a small graphing application, to put what I was learning into practise. I decided to aim for a tool for graphing and interacting with temperature data demonstrating the existence of endo


This is an easily configurable firewall which runs under ipchains or iptables (2.2 kernel, or 2.4). Requires no knowledge of iptables/ipchains.

Mashup-eduardo-endo-helloporto - HelloPorto

Created with the Google Mashup Editor.

Funnel - A toolkit to sketch your idea physically

HomeFunnel is a toolkit for physical computing. Funnel supports Arduino I/O boards, Gainer I/O modules, XBee wireless modems and FIO boards. The user can set filters for input or outputs ports. Filtering can include range division, filters like LPF & HPF, scaling and oscillators. NOTE: All specifications are subject to change News2010.05.27: Funnel v1.0 has been released, finally!! 2010.03.18: Arduino Fio has been released as member of the Arduino board family 2009.05.29: Funnel build 009 (r642)

Rainflow-octave - GNU Octave -- rainflow count of stress cycles for fatigue analysis

This GNU Octave function identifies the stress cycles in an irregular time series of stress. The rainflow algorithm code has been prepared according to the ASTM standard "Standard practices for cycle counting in fatigue analysis" and is optimized considering the calculation time. This is the same algorithm as that described by de Jonge, J.B.(1982): "The analysis of load-time histories by means of counting methods". The results are exactly equal to those obtained by the algorithm described by Mat

Bruteforcedecryption - NWEN303 Project 2. Brute force cracking of keys

For this project you are to design, implement and document a distributed brute force search of Blowfish keyspace. There are two main objectives of this project: (1)Gain experience in the implementation of a distributed parallel program; (2)Gain experience at evaluating the performance of a distributed parallel program. This project is based upon the RSA secret-key challenge. The goal of the contests organised as part of the challenge is: ...to quantify the security offered by the government-endo

save-endo-haskell - Haskell code for the "Saving Endo" programming problem

Haskell code for the "Saving Endo" programming problem

save-endo-java - Java solution to the Save Endo problem

Java solution to the Save Endo problem

icfpc2007 - trying to find how Endo could be saved

trying to find how Endo could be saved

endo - Test repo for talk.

Test repo for talk.