Encrypti! v2.0

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Encrypti is a multi platform, easy to use encrypting tool for keeping your files secure. This application offers portability of encrypted files between various platforms. Secure your files with Encrypti!




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Encryption-utils - Wrapper for Java encryption

Provides a convenient wrapper around common encryption, decryption and hashing tasks. Using encryption-utils from maven: <dependency>\t<groupId>com.google.code</groupId>\t<artifactId>encryption-utils</artifactId>\t<version>1.0</version>\t<type>jar</type>\t<scope>compile</scope></dependency>...<repositories>\t<repository>\t\t<releases>\t\t\t<enabled>true</enabled>\t\t\t<updatePolicy>always</updatePolicy>\t\t\t<checksumPolicy>warn</checksumPolicy>\t\t</releases>\t\t<snapshots>\t\t\t<enabled>true</

Emergy - A basic emergent data store network

This is my feeble attempt to create an emergent network, similar to ENTROPY (entropy.stop1984.com), but without the emphasis on anonymity. Every unique file should have a unique identifier, and there will be working authenticity verification (SSK's). The router will be written in C, and will provide a framework for mail clients, message boards, chatrooms, blogs, personal sites, file sharing, etc., without relying on centralized servers. I don't want to put too much emphasis on transport encrypti