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EnCor is a common core runtime of enterprise integration application. it includes some foundation components so that develop team can be focus on business modules.




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The intention behind FT is to support a graph based database backend for Objective-C and GNUstep/MacOS X environment. In order to install FT start installing Encore, then BDB and afterwards FT.

Mars-encor - EnCor

EnCor is an Enterprise Application container based on dotnet2.0 and C#. It also has base modules just like authentication/authorization abstraction and engine to host custom module. Features of EnCor , see Modules.

Phpencore - Encore Library

Library for the open source community that holds best practices and meant for enterprise development

Encore-web-dds - Framework for web enabled DDS applications

Encore Web DDS is a framework to support the development of web applications for use with the community edition of the OpenSplice DDS. This capability extends the data transport capabilities of DDS to include Wide Area Networks, providing lightweight web clients the capability to act as DDS participants, subscribing to and publishing DDS samples over the HTTP protocol.

Z8 Encore tools

Tools for Zilog Z8 Encore microcontrollers

Tvreplay - Telecharger les videos des catch-up tv

Telecharger les videos des catch-up tv en ligne de commande ou via une interface graphique gtk. L'application est encore tres instable.

Sailportal - J2EE Portal based on the SAIL (Scalable Architecture for Interactive Learning) Framewor

SAIL-Pas PortalThe SAIL-Pas Portal is an J2EE portal for elearning based on the SAIL Framework as part of a collaboration between the University California of Berkeley and the University of Toronto. This project is part of the Pas Research Pack (PRP). For more on Pas and the PRP checkout the EncoreWiki

enCore Learning Environment

ele (enCore Learning Environment) is a moo- and web-based environment (server, db, GUI) designed for educational purposes. It aids and promotes online learning and community building through open standards and ease of use. http://encore-consortium.org/

Fipe - Un framework php permettant de gagner du temps et de sécuriser vos applications

FIPE est un projet en cours de développement dont le but est de simplifier le développement en php. FIPE traite toutes les entrées utilisateurs, virtualise les objets, multiplie les points d'entrée pour un même code, et bien plus encore !

Zppscripts - Ensemble d'userscripts pour le Site du Zéro et Newbies Paradise

zppScripts (anciennement Z++) est un ensemble d'userscripts pour le Site du Zéro et Newbies Paradise, vous permettant notamment d'ajouter des tags à vos topics, de garder les tutos favoris sous le coude, de colorer les messages suivant l'utilisateur, ou encore de garder un historique de l'édition de vos posts.

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