Emu10k1 sound driver

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Emu10k1 sound driver




Related Projects

EMU10K1 patch loader for ALSA

EMU10K1 patch loader for ALSA. Supports SB Live, Audigy, Audigy 2.

Hydro2sf2 - convert hydrogen drumkit into sf2 soundfont

This script (hydroToSf2) is a tool which allows you to convert a Hydrogen drumkit into a SF2 soundfont. It uses Learjeff's soundfont tools to do all the hard work. Requirements:To use the conversion functions (ie if you have flac or other-then-wav formatted drum samples) You will need flac and sox in your path. You'll also need pyxml, and tarfile for python (most people should have these) tested on Python 2.4.3 on Ubuntu Dapper Linux and Python 2.5.2 on Intrepid To get what you need there, type:

Gemu - Gnome EMU10K1 configuration app

The purpose of Gemu is to control sound cards based on the EMU10K1 platform. It is meant to allow control to all aspects of EMU10K1 based sound cards. Features will include route creation, effects control, etc...

emu10k1-utils - Utils controlling emu10k1 processor

Utils controlling emu10k1 processor