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Jquery-checkbox - Custom css styled checkboxes (and radio buttons, too)

jQuery custom styled checkboxAbout pluginA replacement for the standard checkbox that allows you to change the look of checkbox elements in your page. Featuresonly inline elements used, just like default checkoxes cross-browser look and feel (tested in IE6, IE7, IE8, Firefox and Chrome engines) work with radio buttons too supports inline and jQuery attached click events supports "label hovering": when you point over parent label element, it will highlight its checkbox (thanks to Eugene for the i

Ezeval - class library for data validation in PHP

Featuressupports a variety of built-in data type validation planned i18n support for currency, date, and time data types allows superior flexibility for validation of custom data-types allows "AND" and "OR" conditions to be applied serialization to Dojo widget strings for client-side validation with the Dojo Toolkit very easy to use lightweight (~7 files, 1700 lines of code including comments) includes unit tests and documentation strict control over null and empty string handling Supported vali

Collectionpresenter - Biological Collections Presentation using PHP and MySQL

Collection Presenter offers a presentation platform for biological collections using a Darwin Core compatible database. Besides search and retrieve functions based on many parameters, it includes image display, mapping, and various tools associated with collection management. It comes with the source PHP code, an empty MySQL database, and some base maps. The user has to populate the database and set a number of configuration parameters. A simple installation requires no dependencies, a full inst

Usablefields - usableFields - jQuery plugin

usableFieldsThis plugin provides label/title/dom content text inside inputs, textarea (extensible to html5 input specific types by jQuery selectors). Automatically clears (if empty) when the input is focused with possibility of focusClass to improve usability. Minimum requirement : jQuery 1.3x Tested under IE6/7/8, Firefox 3.x, Chrome 4, Safari 4, Opera 10.x How to use usableFields?To display title attribute inside input: <script type="text/javascript"> options = { display: 'title', focusClass:

Mios-validation - Mios.Validation

A simple validation framework for .net inspired by the ClassMap<T> mapping system in Fluent NHibernate. Demonstrationpublic struct Name { public string First { get; set; } public string Last { get; set; }}public class NameValidator : Validator<Name> { public static readonly NameValidator Strict = new NameValidator(t => { t.Require(c => c.First).NotEmpty().AtMost(128); t.Require(c => c.Last).NotEmpty().AtMost(128); }); public NameValidator(Action<NameValidator> init) { init.Invoke(this); }}public

Instant-autocompleter - Like script.aculo.us&#39;s Autocompleter.Local, but more responsive.

DescriptionInstantAutocompleter is a Prototype-based JavaScript widget that autocompletes a text field instantly from given a source array. DemoCheck out a live demo of InstantAutocompleter. Requirements and Supported PlatformsInstantAutocompleter requires Prototype 1.6 or newer to work. InstantAutocompleter has been tested in Firefox 2 and 3, Safari 3 and IE7. IE7 causes an error but does work due to a bug in Prototype. UsageAll you need is a source array and a text field: <input type="text" id

Ezcookie - Easily read and write cookies in many powerful ways.

Source can be found at: https://github.com/NJLaPrell/ezcookie ezCookie is a jQuery plugin for reading and writing cookies in many useful ways. Cookies can be stored as regular strings or JavaScript objects. This plugin uses JSON.org's js2 library to parse JSON strings and convert objects into a JSON string. March 22, 2012I regret to announce that I will no longer be contributing to the ezCookie project. My company was acquired late last year and in the integration process, it was decided that I

Yagbut - Yet Another Gmail Backup Tool

IMPORTANT NOTE for users upgrading to the latest version of Yagbut (v00.01.03-00.02.00) from an older version. With v00.01.03-00.02.00 the on-disk file format has changed so you will need to do a full (not incremental) backup the first time you use this version. You achieve this by backing up to an empty directory (i.e., delete or rename your backup directory to force a full backup). ---- This is a python script for backing up and restoring the messages (and associated labels) in Gmail accounts.

Dictset - A specialized Python container datatype for managing collections of sets.

General DescriptionThe basic Python container types (dict, list, set, and tuple) are extremely versatile and powerful. The collections module first implemented in Python 2.4 has shown that sub-classing these containers can yield elegant solutions to the right problem. In a similar vein this project is a dict subclass for elegantly handling collections of sets. In many aspects a DictSet is similiar to a defaultdict of sets except it generalizes many of the set operations to the dict. Put simply,

Supereasymock - A Scala compatibility for Java&#39;s EasyMock library.

DescriptionA thin layer of syntactic sugar for Scala 2.7.0-final written on top of EasyMock 2.3. This layer is an attempt to use Scala to create an EasyMock domain specific language (DSL) to allow for easier, safer mocking. Library authors are also using this to learn the Scala language in general. ExamplesExample usage (see Simple.scala for most up to date examples): import org.supereasymock.SuperEasyMock._object Simple { implicit val context = new SuperEasyMockContext def main(args: Array[Stri

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