Emotion Engine

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Emotion Engine is an 3d game engine based on plib of the 3d graphics, lua for the scripting engine and xml for the world files. Originally the engines intent was to demo and create a tutorial on how to use plib for new game developers.




Related Projects

emofilt - emotional speech synthesis

EmoFilt enables the free-for-non-commercial-use speech synthesis engine MBROLA to sound emotional by manipulating the phonetic description. It does so by modifying melody and rhythm of the speech, matching a target emotion. It is available for 34 languag

jEmote - JAVA powered Emote Maker

jEmote will be a fully featured emote creation program made in JAVA. The main goal of jEmote is to offer a simple way for computer users to create emoticons for their forums, blogs, websites, chat rooms (and the list goes on...).

Human AI Net

The plan is to network our minds together at the conscious and subconscious and metaphysical levels through interactive psychology of feedback loops between many user-interfaces in a global scale-free peer-to-peer network, like mouse movements (2 dimensions), evolving Java code that reads from microphone and writes to speakers (wave amplitude per channel is position, 44100 per second), mind reading game controllers like Emotiv Epoc or OpenEEG, OSC musical instrument protocol, Nintendo Wii

Emotion-icons-for-blogger - Emotion Icons for Blogger

An easy way to add a emotion icon to blogger when you edit your post.

Jalbacar - Emotional experiences in google develop

Maybe it could be an enjoying platform for me. Now, I can develop as I want, not for mandatory. My idea is: a project contains subprojects, emotional and social: Open Social maybe... mixed with Andriod. I wish...

Pkchat - A simple java chat program.

A chat client and server with support for usernames, private messages, multiple users and emotes written in Java. This project is being developed as an academic exercise in advanced Java.

Xbmc-kinect-remote - Kinect Remote for XBMC

This application is now obsolete, it's replaced by KinEmote. Find it at: http://code.google.com/p/kinemote/