EMOS Framework

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EMOS Framework is an advanced technique for development of automated regression tests with WinRunner.




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Emo-framework - Lightweight 2D game framework for Android and iOS

What is emo framework?emo is 2D game engine for Android and iOS. emo is lightweight game framework that is driven by Squirrel, object-oriented scripting language for your game logic. emo has native game engine almost all codes are written in C/C++ for Android and C/C++/Objective-C for iOS that is based on OpenGL for graphic rendering and OpenAL/OpenSL for sound interface. NEW: 10/13/2011 A Hands-on Guide to emo-framework is out!Developing Games for Android & iOS with Squirrel http://www.emo-fram


nEMO is a pure C# framework for Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization.

Ecspy - Evolutionary Computations in Python

ECsPy Has Been Deprecated; Use inspyred InsteadAs of April 3, 2012, ECsPy has been deprecated. New users should instead use the inspyred library, available on PyPI or at http://inspyred.github.com. ECsPy will no longer be maintained. ECsPy (Evolutionary Computations in Python) is a free, open source framework for creating evolutionary computations in Python. Additionally, ECsPy provides an easy-to-use canonical genetic algorithm (GA), evolution strategy (ES), estimation of distribution algorithm

Pwh312 - Perfect World H

Install this if u get .Net framework X.X error : http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=9cfb2d51-5ff4-4491-b0e5-b386f32c0992 PWH Chatbox http://pwh312.chatango.com/ pwh312.chatango<2><.><2:0>com Colorful wordsss : BLUE(GUILD) : <1><WATuWANT2SAY><1:0> GREEN(TEAM) : <2><WATuWANT2SAY><2:0> note that there is a invisible blank b4 <1> or <2> copy it too Alt+43681 Image Uploader: http://www.image-share.com www.image-share<2><.><2:0>com EmoIcon Spam(up to 6~8): <0><><0:

Js-arch-core - JavaScript Architecture Core

This is a simple, lightweight modular architecture for dynamic, scalable JavaScript applications, built on jQuery. Applications are created by creating modules, which are tied to an element and may only access their element and child elements. Modules can only communicate by passing signals (with related data), which other modules may or may not listen for. Here's a simple example of a module that's attached to elements with the class 'button' which is destroyed when clicked: Core.createModule('

Eclipse Model Operations (EMO)

This Project offers different model operations for the Eclipse Modeling Framework, such as comparison, difference calculation, merging and a unification of EMF models.

Kawazbuster-squirrel - Squirrel port of &quot;kawaz-tan tataki!&quot;

Kawaz-tan tataki! This is a sample game for introduction of game development. kawazbuster-squirrel is a Squirrel port of the addictive Whac-A-Mol like game "kawaz-tan tataki" powered by emo-framework that runs on both iOS and Android devices. "kawaz-tan tataki" is definitely one of the most practical example of emo-framework that is entirely driven by Squirrel. kawazbuster-squirrel is open-source project that is released under terms of MIT license so you can see entire source code of this game.


A fork of emo-framework, an open source game engine by Kota Iguchi. Check out the original project for the stable version at http://www.emo-framework.com/ This fork includes experimental code not part of the original project. I've updated the Squirrel scripting language interpreter to version 3.0.3 and added version 0.8.2 of the Sqrat binding library for Squirrel. The Sqrat binding library allows for easier binding of C/C++/Objective-C/Java code to Squirrel scripts