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Emerald is a Tcl based modular Content Management System, designed to be highly configurable and customizable rather than easy and quick to setup.




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Emerald Editor

Emerald Editor is a community that maintains popular programmers text editor - Crimson Editor. CE is an open-source multi-purpose text editor with easily customizable syntax highlighting and other fast, useful text processing features, and in time should

Verdant - A compiled-to-bytecode-and-interpreted programming language

Verdant is a programming language meant to supply better control of programs to developers and implements many new language theories not evident in many other languages. The project consists of an interpreter and a compiler. The compiler intakes .vs source code and spits out Emerald bytecodes in .v file format. The interpreter reads the bytecodes to execute the program.

Premium-properties-in-makati - Premium Properties in Makati - Real Estate Company

Emerald Realty Sales & Leasing Inc. is a full service real estate brokerage agency located in Makati City – the heart of the Philippines financial district. The company has grown as a result of successful leadership and vision of its Managing Director, Paz A. Bentulan-Dowd, a licensed real estate broker, a community leader and a member of the Board of Directors of Pasay Makati Realty Board (PMRB) for 2010-2011 and the Philippine Association of Real Estate Board (PAREB).


Epiphany is a multi-platform clone of Boulderdash (a.k.a Emerald Mine on the Amiga) made with SDL library.

The EmeraldMoo project

Improving the LambdaMOO by adding modules, support grafic ssl moonets, making a client that is good for the programming, chatting and RPGing part of the new emerald city project. Creative people wanted!!

Emerald-themes - Themes for Emerald decorator

This repository contains free themes for the emerald themes. Emerald is the window decorator for Compiz.

Emerald Data Store

Emerald Data Store this is a network file store which implement three (or more) network file systems as FTP, NFS and SMB/CIFS. File system in this data store is a model based on relational database structure. As the database we use Firebird.