Embedded Debian Project

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The goal of the Embedded Debian Project is to make Debian GNU/Linux a natural choice for embedded Linux.




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Ls2sw - Provides a repository for Linuxstamp II applications

Applications for the Linuxstamp II including: servo demonstration programs These programs run in the Embedded Debian environment.

Mini6410-debian - Debian/Emdebian on FriendlyARM Mini6410

This is about the FriendlyARM Mini6410 board and running Debian on it. Here you find the required kernel, bootloader and everything else as well as a full tutorial on how to run Debian or Emdebian on your board. Here's the Tutorial. If you have something important and related to the Mini6410 board to share, feel free to leave a comment somewhere so I can add it or make you a contributor ;-)

Mini2440 - Source & Snapshots for mini2440 linux support

This is a repository of images, links and tips related to the mini2440 Samsung S3C2440 support. The main announce blog is there : http://bliterness.blogspot.com/

At91sam9263tools - Linux on Atmel AT91 SAM 9263

Linux on Atmel AT91 SAM 9263. Other Embedded Linux Projects: 1. Broncho http://www.broncho.cn/index.html 2. MobLin http://moblin.org/ 3. Ubuntu Mobile http://www.ubuntu.com/products/mobile 4. Embedded Debian Project http://www.emdebian.org/ 5. OPhone http://www.oms-sdn.com/ 6. OpenMoko http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/Main_Page/zh_cn 7. eCos http://ecos.sourceware.org/ 8. Android http://code.google.com/intl/zh-CN/android/ 9. Maxwit http://code.google.com/p/maxwit/ 10. Angstrom http://www.angstrom-d

Learningmini2440 - 学习mini2440开��boot,kernel,rootfs的创建和移�

通过学习mini2440å¼€å�‘æ�¿å�ŠåµŒå…¥å¼�系统的知识,学生应该达æˆ�以下目标: 熟练掌æ�¡åµŒå…¥å¼�linux系统的基本开å�‘æµ�程,熟悉系统的å�„组æˆ�部分,并能通过交å�‰å¼€å�‘环境编译生æˆ�烧录的镜åƒ�。 熟练掌æ�¡GCC/G++编译器,熟悉使用Code Blocks或Eclipse集æˆ�å¼€å�‘环境进行软件开å�‘,了解linux-API函数的使用。 了解å�„类常用的linux命令,熟悉linux系统环境的使用。熟悉UNIX的编程艺术å�Šæ€�想,掌æ�¡Shellç¨


A mobile distribution based on emdebian for smartphones and tablets

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