Enhanced Machine Controller

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EMC performs real-time control of equipment such as machine tools, robots, and coordinate measuring machines. It runs in realtime under Linux with the RTlinux or RTAI patch. It provides a software PLC, and uses the HAL for flexibility.




Related Projects

ManifoldCF - Framework for connecting Source Content Repositories

ManifoldCF is an effort to provide an open source framework for connecting source content repositories like Microsoft Sharepoint, EMC Documentum FileNet, LiveLink (OpenText), Patriarch, Meridio (Autonomy), Windows shares to target repositories or indexes such as Apache Solr, QBase (formerly MetaCarta). It could also retrieve content from file system, JDBC connector, RSS crawler, and web crawler.


EMC is a Entertaiment-System for playing and displaying Multimedia-Data like Audio, Video, Text, ....


A HID interface component for LinuxCNC/EMC. HID is USB speak for Human Interface Device, that is, input/output USB devices such as joysticks, gamepads, CNC pendants. This component was built to support devices that weren't handled by stock LinuxCNC/EMC components.

Erlangmc - EMC: Erlang MemCached Client

DescriptionEMC (Erlang MemCached Client) is a simple wrapper of the memcached library 'libmemcached' created by TangentOrg. EMC provides an Erlang/OTP API to allow the connection to memcached servers from Erlang applications. FeaturesSet, get & multi-get operations of any valid Erlang term. Increment & decrement operations. Delete & flush operations. Access to server's stats. Timed operations. Dynamic pool of reusable connections. Fully configurable via external text file. Built-in pluggable log

Symmreporter - Generate a config report on an EMC DMX array

Generate a report on an EMC DMX array based on masking and mapping information. Requires perl and symcli (or at least access to a host with symcli).

Amule-emc - emulecollection support for aMule

Please mail me files which do not work. I'll extend aMule (and amule-emc) to support them, too. ''amule-emc'' is a multi-platform emulecollection parser written in C++. The code is shared with aMule and now kept in sync. Related projects: WOA: emulecollection files on osx Kollection: A KDE service menu to open emulecollection files with support for aMule and mldonkey. Allows selection of files. amuleKollection for KDE4: A KDE4 port of Kollection

Atmos-python - A Python wrapper for EMC Atmos

Python wrapper for the EMC Atmos object storage platform. Performs string signing, sends the HTTP requests, and parses the responses. You currently need to get the wrapper code from SVN --- some aspects will change in the future including some of the data types returned by some methods.

5md-gtop - A Documentum Webtop like browser using GWT and the DFS

5MD gTopA Documentum Webtop like browser using the Google Web Toolkit (GWT) and the Documentum Foundation Services (DFS). This application was the runner up in the EMC "Web Services" Developer contest. See our development Blog here: http://5mdgtop.blogspot.com/

.NET wrapper for the Centera SDK

The .Net wrapper for the Centera SDK is an open source project that is part of the EMC Centera Open Source Initiative (COSI). The EMC Centera Open Source Initiative is for toolkits and applications that interact with the EMC Centera content addressed sto

Atmos-ruby - Ruby connector for connecting to EMC Atmos storage service

This project contains a Ruby wrapper to simplify connecting to EMC Atmos storage service. atmos-ruby is released!You can download the GEM file from the downloads page or use gem to install it (sudo recommended on linux/mac) $ gem install --remote atmos-rubySuccessfully installed atmos-ruby- gem installedInstalling ri documentation for atmos-ruby- RDoc documentation for atmos-ruby- check your installation with: $ irb>> require 'EsuApi'=> true>> exi