email2wav - Text To Speech for emails

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A script for producing a collection of audio files containing your emails.



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Asperes - sound to image (spectrogram) and image to sound converter

ASPERES is the Audio Spectrograph and Re-Synthesis program based on the ARSS utility originally created by Michel Rouzic ( It can convert WAV sound samples to BMP images (spectrograms) and arbitrary BMP images to sound (WAV). The original program used to be a console program with rather limited interactive parameter entry capabilities (it could also be used as a command line utility). Development proceeded up to version 0.2.3, then Michel decided to add a GUI and convert ARSS

Openbatch - A cross-platform batch processing framework based on OpenDocument

IntroductionOpenBatch is a framework written in Python to easily create a batch processing (instantiate template documents, sending emails, printing...) job by iterating through rows from an OpenOffice Spreadsheet .ods file. It can be used as an alternative to "mail merge" kind of application supported by OpenOffice or Microsoft Office. 5-minute tutorialOne of the most typical batch job is to send customized emails from a list of users. Using OpenBatch, you can easily achieve this by creating a

Microsoft-translator-java-api - A Java wrapper for the Microsoft Translator API

Provides a Java wrapper around the Microsoft Translator API aka Bing Translator. Created in an attempt to fill the void left by the deprecation of the Google Translate API announced on May 26, 2011 and scheduled for permanent shutdown on December 1, 2011. In an effort to lessen the impact on Java developers that have previously integrated the Google Translate API into their applications, it is my goal to mimic the code structure, naming conventions, functionality, and usage patterns of the excel

Pylesystem - Python API to the filesystem for offline access to metadata

Using SQLAlchemy and pyionotify pylesystem creates a real time index of the filesystem. Requires SQLAlchemy 0.5 and pyionotify. Note this only works on Linux as IOnotify is a linux API. I might integrate the OS X filesystem events later. This is a very limited release, it only keeps track of created and deleted files. I plan on getting fancy later and adding support for modified files and then adding a command line tool and query API to perform mass offline file operations, like processing a dir

Digital-media-service-desktop - Spread the Word! The DMS Desktop provides a customisable application

OverviewThe Digital Media Service Desktop (DMS Desktop) is a desktop application that guides the user through the process of producing and then publishing digital audio recordings on the web (as MP3 files, as podcast and RSS) and on CD. It offers the following main advantages: easy to learn for anyone easy to install and integrate with exiting infrastructure customisable to meet specific needs free of charge Why not take a few minutes to have a look at the DMS Desktop demonstration? The followin

Cards - Learningsoftware for PocketPC and PC

Deutschcards hilft beim Auswendinglernen aller Arten von Fakten. Die Zielsetzung ist den Lernprozess weitestgehend automatisiert, effektiv und komfortabel zu gestalten. Es ist läuft auf Windows Mobile Geräten und Windows Desktop PCs (auch portabel per USB Laufwerk). Sowohl die Inhalte als auch der Lernfortschritt lassen sich zwischen PDA/Smartphone/Navigationsgerät und PC aber auch zwischen PC und PC synchronisieren. Unterstützt Ein-Handbedienung unter Windows Mobile. Wenn Sie die weitere En

Veejingsx - Software for visual effects interpretation (vjing) for 8bit music sessions, using MSX co

veejingSXCopyright 2011 303bcn This program is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (free software) See license. design: mvac7 & neuroflip code: mvac7(aorante) Last version: 0.9b User Guide (eng) Guía de Usuario (esp) Guia d'usuari (cat) Coder Guide (eng) Description (English)This software, creates different visual effects in realtime (vjing), with 8bit style. Contains different types of backgrounds, screens, tile animations and sprite animations. For MSX computers. Des

P2p-live-streaming - A p2p protocol for live streaming

La cosa empezo asíCopio aquí el mail que escribí a un amigo hace un tiempo al respecto del proyecto: Un emailDarko, Te cuento un par de cosas: Lo primero es que me bajé el SDK de Android, aún no lo probé, pero ya vamos a ver, estoy con la cabeza en cosas aburridas de trabajo de momento. Lo segundo es que me acordé de un proyecto que tenía en mente, que escribí alguna que otra linea de código, y te lo cuento porque me parece que te puede parecer interesante. Te cuento el problema al que