GNU Emacs for Windows

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quot;one-clickquot;, self-contained installer that includes the emacs itself, dozens of useful extensions and configured to windows users taste.



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Mewde - My Emacs Web Development Environment

UPDATE : New Php Mode I tested with emacs23 environment; both vista and ubuntu hardy; even works with yasnippet mode together; just disable abbrev-minor-mode, or if you are insert phptemplate, function etc; after typing and tabbing completion; type M-Space then going on; it works fine... Download here : Emacs Web Development Environment with html-css-javascript-php-smarty suppor

Idebridge - C# completion for emacs

IdeBridgeIdeBridge help bringing functionalities from one IDE to another. Currently it 'bridge' functionalities from SharpDevelop IDE into emacs IDE. So with IdeBridge you have the following functionalities in emacs: building of .NET solutions. intellisense completion (see ScreenShots) for C# language. go to definition for C# language. IdeBridge is written in C# and emacs lisp, and so may be ported in mono for a linux use. For the linux platform it will may be necessary to replace the SharpDevel

Recyclebatteries1 - RecycleBatteries, C code for Atmega169

Данный проект пред�тавл�ет �обой прошивку, напи�анную на C, дл� Atmega169, в�траимового в �ПК дл� приёма и�пользованных �лементов питани�. Внимание, данный проект ещё не окончен, программа напи�ана не полно�тью. Проект разрабатывает�� � помощью �ред разработки AVR Studio и WinAVR. Обе

Yantemacs - Yet Another Latest Win32 binary builds of Emacs CVS

Because ntemacs on is quite outdated for a long time, so i maintains another one here.

Bintris - Bintris - a game of zeros and ones on Emacs

Bintris is a Tetris-style game for Emacs. Instead of the usual tetris shapes, the blocks are ones and zeros and the player needs to build target decimal numbers bit by bit in order to collapse rows. Original game concept by Juha Lainema. This Emacs version is a remake of his Win32 version. How to run itStart Emacs in windowed mode M-x load-file, bintris.el (or (load-file "bintris.el")) M-x bintris How to playYou need to understand the binary numeral system to be able to play at all. KeyboardUse

Manshow - win32 version gvim with several customization

TOC AboutFeaturesNon-Mono FontBalloon with Correct Chinese CharactersUseful ToolsInterfacesX Pixmaps (XPM)VesionScreenshotsfonts & bolloonUNIX UtilitiesAlpha WindowXPMSignsMusic Player_ vimrc AboutThis is a win32 version gvim compiled from the latest source including several features. FeaturesNon-Mono Font\tset guifont=Monaco:h10.75:cANSI\tset gfw=Microsoft_YaHei:h11\t" or set guifontwide=YouYuan:h11:cGB2312Balloon with Correct Chinese Characters\tif has('win32')\t\tif &encoding == "utf-8"\t\t\t

emacs-win - Windows installer for Emacs

Windows installer for Emacs

emacs.d - ?ubuntu?????win7????? ???24.2 ??????dot_emacs_ubuntu?dot_emacs_win7???.emacs ???????

?ubuntu?????win7????? ???24.2 ??????dot_emacs_ubuntu?dot_emacs_win7???.emacs ???????

MyEmacsConfig - 我的Emacs配置(Win,linux通用)