Emacs distribution for Mac OS X (Carbon)

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This project delivers a binary distribution of GNU Emacs for Mac OS X (Carbon).




Related Projects

Aquamacs Emacs

Aquamacs Emacs is a Mac-native distribution of the powerful Emacs text editor (versions 23+), featuring Plugamp;Play and a great UI. Aquamacs feels just right on the Mac, interacts well with other apps, while supporting Emacs' keys and Elisp packages.

shell, python, and GNU make debuggers

We have debuggers for bash, python, zsh, ksh, GNU make 3.81 and Python. In the patched sources for Make, we provide better error handling and tracing. GNU Emacs support is included for all debuggers.


This an unofficial port of X-emacs to Mac OS X's carbon interface based on code by Andrew Choi.


A Cocoa port of GNU Emacs for GNUstep and MacOS X.

Cocoa Emacs for OS X and GNUstep

A Cocoa port of Emacs for MacOS X and GNUstep

Textmacs - A rails development environment for Emacs with the features of TextMate (Mac)

This project aims to develop an easy to install set of emacs configuration files, which will ease rails development in emacs. It will try to integrate some of the already existing rails and ruby configurations for emacs, while adding a few new yet to be determined features

Aquamacs - Aquamacs: all the power of Emacs in a dead-easy to use editor made for the Mac

Aquamacs is an Aqua-native build of the powerful Emacs text editor. By "Aqua-native," we mean more than just the fact that this version of Emacs runs as a standard OS X application. Aquamacs features extensive customization: it will feel and behave mostly like an Aqua program - while still being a real GNU Emacs with all the ergonomy and extensibility you've come to expect from this world-class editor. It's beeen adapted by David Reitter, based on GNU Emacs by Richard Stallman and many others.

Emacs for Mac OS 8/9

A port of GNU Emacs to the Mac OS. The current version is part of the standard Emacs 21 distribution and runs on Mac OS 8 and 9. Many of Emacs's features are implemented, including international character sets, input methods, and coding systems.

Tint Emacs

A cross platform emacs like editor and assorted tools.


IDEAmacs is a plugin for the IDEA Java development environment to provide a set of features that replicates features in Emacs that does not exist in IDEA currently.