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IDE interface for Emacs (code browsing, compilation, debug). WARNING: The project is now hosted by TuxFamily: http://emacs-ide.tuxfamily.org/




Related Projects

Ace - Code Editor in JavaScript

Ace is a standalone code editor written in Javascript. Ace is developed as the primary editor for Cloud9 IDE and the successor of the Mozilla Skywriter project. Ace can be easily embedded into any existing web page. It could provide Syntax highlighting, Auto indentation, key bindings including VI and Emacs modes, Themes, Search and replace and lot more.

Komodo Edit

Komodo Edit supports PHP, Python, Ruby, Perl and Tcl, plus JavaScript, CSS, HTML and template languages like RHTML, Template-Toolkit, HTML-Smarty and Django.

Idebridge - C# completion for emacs

IdeBridgeIdeBridge help bringing functionalities from one IDE to another. Currently it 'bridge' functionalities from SharpDevelop IDE into emacs IDE. So with IdeBridge you have the following functionalities in emacs: building of .NET solutions. intellisense completion (see ScreenShots) for C# language. go to definition for C# language. IdeBridge is written in C# and emacs lisp, and so may be ported in mono for a linux use. For the linux platform it will may be necessary to replace the SharpDevel

Textmacs - A rails development environment for Emacs with the features of TextMate (Mac)

This project aims to develop an easy to install set of emacs configuration files, which will ease rails development in emacs. It will try to integrate some of the already existing rails and ruby configurations for emacs, while adding a few new yet to be determined features

Distel - Distributed Emacs Lisp, or, an Emacs-based IDE for Erlang programming

Distel's core extends Emacs Lisp with the Erlang programming model and an interoperable implementation of the Erlang distributed message-passing protocol. The package includes Emacs-based development tools written on top of this core. ATTENTION This repo is no longer updated. Distel is now hosted on github.

Aquamacs - Aquamacs: all the power of Emacs in a dead-easy to use editor made for the Mac

Aquamacs is an Aqua-native build of the powerful Emacs text editor. By "Aqua-native," we mean more than just the fact that this version of Emacs runs as a standard OS X application. Aquamacs features extensive customization: it will feel and behave mostly like an Aqua program - while still being a real GNU Emacs with all the ergonomy and extensibility you've come to expect from this world-class editor. It's beeen adapted by David Reitter, based on GNU Emacs by Richard Stallman and many others.

Pide - A Framework for integrated development

PIDA is different from other IDEs in that it will use the tools you already have available rather than attempting to reinvent each one. PIDA is written in Python with the PyGTK toolkit, and although is designed to be used to program in any language, PIDA has fancy Python IDE features.

distel - emacs - erlang IDE

emacs - erlang IDE

Js2-mode - Enhanced JavaScript IDE Emacs Mode

An improved JavaScript mode for GNU Emacs. Features: variable (adjustable) indentation accurate syntax highlighting highlighting of syntactic errors and many semantic errors strict-mode warning reporting (such as duplicate var declaration) smart line-wrapping in comments and strings typing helpers (e.g. matching quotes/brackets) code-folding (collapse element as {...}) supports JavaScript 1.5, 1.6 (including E4X), 1.7 and 1.8 customizable colors, or use font-lock defaults many customization opti

Pyjde - PyJde implements source code browsing features in Emacs using Python

I am tired of JDE's code browsing features. With the addition of generics starting in JDK 1.5 certain JDE features stopped working and noone seems to be actively engaged with the project. jde-usages is not much help either. JDE completion is very slow. It takes tens of seconds to give me a list of methods sometimes. And it's all in Lisp, a language I use for Emacs only, then I forget, then I come back. So I decided to use the excellent Pymacs library to write a better Java source code browsing f