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A Cocoa port of GNU Emacs for GNUstep and MacOS X.




Related Projects

Aquamacs Emacs

Aquamacs Emacs is a Mac-native distribution of the powerful Emacs text editor (versions 23+), featuring Plugamp;Play and a great UI. Aquamacs feels just right on the Mac, interacts well with other apps, while supporting Emacs' keys and Elisp packages.

Ace - Code Editor in JavaScript

Ace is a standalone code editor written in Javascript. Ace is developed as the primary editor for Cloud9 IDE and the successor of the Mozilla Skywriter project. Ace can be easily embedded into any existing web page. It could provide Syntax highlighting, Auto indentation, key bindings including VI and Emacs modes, Themes, Search and replace and lot more.

Emacs-grails-mode - Simplifies working with Grails apps

Extends project-mode to add grails specific functionality such as fast switching between related files and unit testing. Download Easy switching between services, domains, controllers, views and tests. Quickly and easily run unit/integration tests Inherits all the functionality of project-mode Installation: Put the source code in site-lisp or somewhere else in your LOAD-PATH. Add this to .emacs (may be in AppData/Roaming for Windows users). (require 'grails-mode)(setq grails-mode t)(setq project

Yii-simplelogin-module - A simplified user authentication & registration module

DescriptionOn the internet, we usually register a user who has a valid e-mail account. You may use yii skeleton application by Jonah for this purpose. On the other hand, especially in a specific project in a certain corporation, user authentication can be simplified. For this purpose, I have built a simplified user authentication module named 'simpleLogin'. This module enables the registration of an unknown user immediately. It is very useful for project members who can be trusted in the above s

Scriptz - Fred Zhu's script for work and life.

My personal script for work and life, visit my weblog, or write a comment to me. sysadmin(svn) is a system manage web-app build by perl and python, a CgiApp Wiki page talk about c, perl, python in CGI, visit the wiki page SysAdmin to get more. Personal Scripts(svn) for server management or works, write by Shell, C, Perl or Python, a MyScript wiki page get more information. ScriptSnippet is my personal script wiki pages for work and life. MediaWikiPage is my study an work for media. PerlScript is

Raysconfig - Configures for linux apps

Raymond's personal linux configure backup. Including config files of bash, conky, emacs, vim, etc.

Python-practice-and-experience - A Collection of Python Sources Developed over Several Years

A number of utilities and complete programs. I am happy to publish some of my source code in the unlikely event that someone may find something useful. In most cases, in the Python tradition, I have implemented for the fun of it. In some cases I have been guilty of re-inventing the wheel in the name of gaining insight into how stuff works. If you find anything of use, please feel free to use/modify and contact me if you have any suggestions or comments. 03/Sept/2011 Added some Scripts/Objective

Itouchbrowser - itouchBrowser - Windows based GUI manipulating files on the iPhone/iPod touch

itouchBrowser - Windows based GUI for manipulating files on the iPhone/iPod touch. This changes iPhoneBrowser (http://code.google.com/p/iphonebrowser/) into Japanese. This can be used in English mode also except Japanese environment. The feature is as follows. Featureレス�ンス��上 - Improvement of response 表示機能�強化 - Enhancement of a display function �ックアップファイル�一覧確� - The list check of backup files �複ファイル�削除�能 - Deletion

Mobilescribe - Text editor for the iPhone

The Scribe project has merged with MobileTextEdit, please go there for all your iPhone text editing needs: http://mobiletextedit.googlecode.com Scribe is a text editor for the iPhone. It supports opening, editing, creating and saving text files. Version 0.1 is up. It's bare-bones still so be patient. Of course report any bugs I've not tested it as much as I would like. WorkingOpen a file from a path Save an opened file Create a new file and save it Autosaves on sleep/app close TODOFile browser (