Elysium Project

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Elysium Project is a suite of applications, libraries, and utilities to enhance the deskotp experience of Linux.




Related Projects


A packaging format, build tools, and an installer, for distributing packages for the Elysium Project.


This a WPF project that implements PRISM with MEF as the IoC. This is an IDE with a modern UI where developers can run and centralize all their different apps.

Riftachievements - Elysium Order Community RIFT Game Data Project

This project is an initiative from the <Elysium Order> gaming community. The intention of this project is to ETL the data Trion provides for use in other projects the community is wishing to develop. Currently the project is using Eclipse Helios with JDK 1.6.0_23 We are in no way working with, nor are affiliated with RIFT or Trion ( we wish though :P ).