Elphel reconfigurable cameras

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Software and HDL code for Elphel reconfigurable network cameras




Related Projects

GenReS plugin

Generic reconfigurable scriptable plug-in for Mozilla/Firefox is Elphel project to use external programs for display EMBED or OBJECT tags. Supplied with perl script for embedding mplayer and mencoder to a browser and controlling it with Javascript.

Elphel/Excelsior Eclipse/VDT/ExDT Plugin

Plugin Eclipse/VDT supports hardware development in VHDL/Verilog, allowing to easily integrate command-line controlled tools in Eclipse. Underlying Eclipse/ExDT plugin provides integration means that may be used for other languages and applications.

Gst-plugins-elphel - gstreamer plugins for Elphel cameras image conversion

AboutThis project hosts Elphel cameras related gstreamer components, so far: the jp462bayer plugin converts color and monochrome JP46 Elphel bitstreams to Bayer raw format bayer2rgb2 converts raw Bayer streams to RGB images For information about JP4 and demosaicing, see WhyJP4 This project is sponsored by Ubicast. jp462bayer: JP4 to BayerAfter jpegdec, re-arranges the pixels in Bayer format. Features: fast downscaling algorithm, with which a simultaneous full quality raw capture and a smaller qu

ElpAPI - Elphel 353 camera API

Elphel 353 camera API


repository for the Elphel cameras API, it allows you to control the Elphel Cameras with ease

ElphelScripts - several scripts for the Elphel 353 usage

several scripts for the Elphel 353 usage


ElCap is a capture software for Elphel camera


Small software for reading values from RFID antena connected to an Elphel NC353L-10369 camera.


image grabbing program (presently, using wget, (in future, OpenCV or RTSP on Elphel camera) or simply load images from files)