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Eloquence is a plug-in for the Eclipse IDE to allow seamless and automated integration of aspect-oriented design pattern implementations with Java/AspectJ projects.




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Eloquent is a powerful Bible study tool for Mac OS X, supporting features such as services, to access the Bible in any program. It uses the Sword Library to work with bible texts, commentaries, dictionaries.

laravel-mongodb - A MongoDB based Eloquent model and Query builder for Laravel (Moloquent)

An Eloquent model and Query builder with support for MongoDB, using the original Laravel API. This library extends the original Laravel classes, so it uses exactly the same methods.

Planet Mongo PHP Content Manager

Planet Mongo is a concise, versatile web content manager. It boasts quick and easy setup, as it doesn't use any MySQL. PMCMS focuses on websites that do not need the bulk of large content managers, while maintaining eloquent flexibility and ease of use.

Eloquence-module - song shower module for the enlightenment desktop

Eloquence is a modul for the e17 desktop (www.enlightenment.org), showing the song, an audio player currently plays, on a transparent, borderless window and give you a way to control at least some basic functions (play/pause, next/prev song, volume) by pressing different mouse keys in eloquence.

best-ruby - Ruby Tricks, Idiomatic Ruby, Refactorings and Best Practices

Do you know why experienced Ruby programmers tend to reach for basic collections and hashes while programmers from other languages go for more specialized classes? Do you know the difference between strip, chop, and chomp, and why there are three such similar methods when apparently one might suffice? (Not to mention lstrip and rstrip!) Do you know the downsides of dynamic typing? Do you know why the differences between strings and symbols get so blurry, even to experienced Ruby developers? How

Larvel - A PHP Framework For Web Artisans

Laravel is a web application framework with expressive, elegant syntax. Laravel is accessible, yet powerful, providing tools needed for large, robust applications. It supports an amazing ORM, painless routing, powerful queue library, and simple authentication give you the tools you need for modern, maintainable PHP.

algoliasearch-laravel - Seamless integration of Algolia into your Laravel project.

This PHP package integrates the Algolia Search API to the Laravel Eloquent ORM. It's based on the algoliasearch-client-php package. PHP 5.5.9+ is supported.

validating - Trait for validating Eloquent models on save in Laravel 4.2 and 5.0.

Looking to use Validating on Laravel 4.2+? [Take a look at the 4.2 branch for documentation and installation instructions](https://github.com/dwightwatson/validating/tree/0.10). The Laravel 4.2 version is better suited to doing form validation; it supports custom validation messages, confirmation rules and multiple rulesets. Because Laravel 5.0 has `FormRequest` validation Validating is now designed to keep your core data valid and leave form validation to the framework.