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Elmer is a tool which embeds a Python module into a C, C++, or Tcl application. The embedded Python module is used just as if it was written in the same language as the application itself, without requiring any knowledge of the Python/C API.




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Elmer finite element software

Elmer is a finite element software for numerical solution of partial differential equations and multiphysical problems. It includes models of structural mechanics, fluid dynamics, heat transfer, electromagnetics etc. Elmer home is www.csc.fi/elmer


QXRD is software for the acquisition and analysis of X-ray data taken with 2 dimensional detectors. The software can drive a Perkin Elmer XRD series flat panel detector and can be remote-controlled via a socket interface, or directly from SPEC


CAELinux is a live DVD Linux distribution dedicated to Computer Aided Engineering and Scientific Computing. Based on Ubuntu, it features a full software solution for professional 3D FE analysis from CAD geometry. It includes the Salome 3D pre/post processor, Code_Aster non-linear/multi- physics FE solver, Code-Saturne and OpenFOAM CFD solvers, Elmer multiphysics suite, GMSH, Netgen & enGrid 3D meshers, GNU Octave, Rkward, wxMaxima, Scilab, and more.

Viz-ig-theme - Vizcayano IGoogle Theme

This is my first theme, my first project at code.google.com

Entreprise Event Log Monitor

Entreprise Event Log Monitor (CodeName : Elmer) Principle is very simple : gather event logs notificatins an publish them in a centralized way. You should be able to monitor all your Windows machines from a single console and be alerted when errors occur in an application. T...

Operahci - This projects provides a host site for scripts, procedures and other resources for the Ac

Welcome to OperaHCI Google.Code ProjectThis project provides a central repository for code related to the Opera High Content Imaging (HCI) Platform from Perkin Elmer. This projects aims to allow an easy sharing of libraries and tools around high-content imaging in general, and particularly tools dedicated to the Opera. Any contributions to this site is most welcome, in particular contribution for Acapella based scripts/procedures. Also contributions to Wiki pages, etc. would be most useful. The

Introse-s17-grpj-ay201112t2 - INTROSE S17 - Group J

INTROSE S17 - Group J - AY 2011-2012, Term 2Inventory System for Starter Hardware and Construction SupplyGroup MembersPeralta, Bruce Elmer Bienes, Kaizer Calpo, Jericho Julian Miranda, Ephraim Ma.