Kanban-Board - Kanban Board for GitHub Projects

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In order for people to use your Kanban Board, you'll need to request permissionsfrom their GitHub account---this is done through an OAuth Authorization. Whatthis tag does is simply print out the correct URL based on your application'sclient ID:{exp:kanban_board:register}

You need to register first.

{/exp:kanban_board:register}It has a grand total of one variable: `{link}` and it's just the URL that yourusers will need to click on to register with your application.It also has one *optional* parameter: `redirect` where you can specify the pagethat will be redirected to after the user is successfully registered withGitHub. If this parameter is not used, they will be redirect to the page wherethe `{exp:kanban_board:register}` tag is located.**Make sure this tag is somewhere on the page with the rest of your Kanban Board.Without it your users will not be able to view the board.**




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