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Ellipt2d is a finite element program for solving second order, real and complex, two-dimensional elliptic problems with user-defined operators. Because Ellipt2d is written in Python, the code can easily be adapted for specific problems.




Related Projects

Tancospi - Numerical Methods Programs, Differential equation solvers, Parallel programming practice

Current ProjectsNumerical Methods C codes- LU decomposition (done) - Cuda LU (coming soon) - matrix functions (coming soon) Heat Transfer- 1D Heat Transfer (Parabolic Differential Equation (done need to document and upload) Other Math Stuff- Solution to elliptical differential equations (working on) Aerodynamics (Matlab Programs)- Normal Shock Solution (coming soon) - Oblique Shock (coming soon) - Prandlt Meyer (coming soon) - Rayleigh Flow (coming soon) - Fanno Flow (coming soon) Long Term Proj

Free Finite Element Package

The Free Finite Element Package is a library which contains numerical methods required when working with finite elements. The goal of FFEP is to provide basic functions for approximating the solution of elliptic and parabolic PDEs in 2D.

Mpmath - Python library for arbitrary-precision floating-point arithmetic

Status 2011-02-01: mpmath 0.17 released. See the changelog for details. mpmath now supports Python 3! (Older news) About mpmathMpmath is a pure-Python library for multiprecision floating-point arithmetic. It provides an extensive set of transcendental functions, unlimited exponent sizes, complex numbers, interval arithmetic, numerical integration and differentiation, root-finding, linear algebra, and much more. Almost any calculation can be performed just as well at 10-digit or 1000-digit precis

Elliptic-pde - Solve elliptic partial differential equations by the finite element method

I'm writing a finite element solver for 2nd-order elliptic PDE in two dimensions on arbitrary geometries, using Shewchuk's Triangle program for mesh generation. Ultimately I'd like to play around with free boundary problems, with the goal of examining the equations of glacier dynamics. The library SPARSKIT2 is used for all sparse matrix computations, but is included in the repository and the makefile will build the library if it is not already present. Other dependencies: -gfortran -python -BLAS

Plasmaster - The goal of this project is to bulid up a series of subroutines of the plasma physics.

This project aims at the front area of the plasma physics, through building up a series of parallel subroutines (MPI and OpenMP). It will decrease greatly the time-consuming similar numerical code programming time in the research of plasma physics. My first plan is to work on the parallel verision of nonseparable elliptic equation solver and 2D(3D) particle pushing solver.

Libmcrypto - Math Library for Crypto Students

This mcrypto library is aimed at students who are studying public-key cryptography. The library is written in C and should be complied on any Unix-based operating systems with a GNU C compiler. The library currently includes A multi-precision library: these routines are taken from the BIGDIGITS library originally written by David Ireland and used with permission (http://www.di-mgt.com.au/ contains BIGDIGITS multiple-precision arithmetic code originally written by David Ireland, copyright (c) 200

Relic-toolkit - RELIC is an Efficient LIbrary for Cryptography

RELIC is a modern cryptographic meta-toolkit with emphasis on efficiency and flexibility. RELIC can be used to build efficient and usable cryptographic toolkits tailored for specific security levels and algorithmic choices. GoalsRELIC is an ongoing project and features will be added on demand. The focus is to provide: Ease of portability and inclusion of architecture-dependent code; Simple experimentation with alternative implementations; Tests and benchmarks for every implemented function; Flex

Galmorph - GALMORPH: galaxy morphology model-fitting code

GALMORPHgalaxy morphology model-fitting code DescriptionComing soon with references, etc. See "Wiki" and "Source" tabs for description and source code. InstallationExternal Packages: GALMORPH uses the following included packages: ASA - Adaptive Simulated Annealing http://alumnus.caltech.edu/~ingber/#ASA LevMar - Levenberg Marquardt. http://www.ics.forth.gr/~lourakis/levmar/ TMV - Template Matrix Vector for C++ http://sourceforge.net/projects/tmv-cpp/ cfitsio - Fits file I/O library http://heasar

ecc - Elliptic curve arithmetic and cryptography library in pure Rust.

1. ElGamal encryption2. ECDSA / ElGamal signaturesBasics------Currently the only high-level operation implemented is Diffie-Hellman key exchanges:```rustextern crate ecc;use ecc::fields::{P256, R256}; // NIST's fields for P-256use ecc::curves::C256; // NIST's curve P-256use ecc::crypto::DiffieHellman;fn main() { type Curve = C192<P192, R192>; type Point = AffinePoint<Curve, P192, R192>; let (X, x): (Point, _) = DiffieHellman::key_gen(); let out = X.serialize(); // out: Vec<uint> -> Send