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Elisa is an open C++ library for constraint programming and constraint solving techniques. Interval-based algorithms for solving continuous constraints require that Gaol (http://sf.net/projects/gaol) is already installed on your system.




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Xelisaviihde - Elisa Viihde extension for Xtreamer Media Player

Project is dedicated to provide the recorded dvb content of Elisa Viihde to Xtreamer and helping you to manage your recordings. You might also be interested in these projects. xruutu - Ruutu.fi extension for Xtreamer xelavaarkisto - YLE Elävä arkisto extension for Xtreamer Preview of xelisaviihde 1.0 Screenshots of 1.0.0 1. 2. 3. 4.

Opendigitv - release your hardware

FrontendThere will be two versions. One version with Elisa which is used to test the environment. Later on I will release a custom interface. The prototype has already been produced, but there are some issues which I have to solve. Backend- Internet radio recording - Video conversion and streaming to local network - Video file hosting for local network - Windows file sharing - UPNP media sharing and automatic firewall port forwarding support Built onGentoo Linux. DescriptionThe software will ena

Wxos - WxOS - Laisi Unattended Windowx Operation System

We are LAISI.org an Italian no-profic cultural association. We want to create a complete new version of Microsoft Windows XP, the WxOS. We'll use the kernel of Win XP, both Home and Professional edition, and this action will be legal because who wants to use these OS must to use his own genuine microsoft product key. In this manner no law will be break. All release will be complete with free software and already from first boot you'll be able to have a 100% working OS. No more other installation

Tvkaista-plugin-for-mediaportal - TVkaista is a Finnish Internet TV provider which build interface f

TVkaista integrate with mediaportal by TVkaista plugin. You can watch TV programs and it allow user to add program to playlist or series. TVkaistasta on tehty lisäosat mm XBMC ja Boxee, joten olisi aika saada se yhdistettyä myös Mediaportal ohjelmistoon. Ensimmäinen vaihde on rakentaa Mediaportal ohjelmiston Online video lisäosaan, joka on hyvin yksinkertaista Pipesin kautta: http://pipes.yahoo.com/pipes/pipe.info?_id=cc1de0924c022805a2aadc189cb7bd00 Toinen vaihtoehto on rakentaa oma lisäo

Xalvadora - Write a length unit calulator system

Software B Assignment 3 Team members: Anna, Caihong, Elisa, Jeannie and Mikola Your task is to write a length unit calculator. The system has the following features: • The user can enter a distance in meters and the distance is converted into feet and displayed.1 • The user can enter a distance in feet and the distance is converted into meters and displayed. • The system has a graphical user interface based on an Swing (i.e., user interface components from the javax.swing package are used)

Dsgridsim - DSGridSim: A Framework for Studying Decentralised Scheduling Policies in Grid Environmen

Welcome to DSGridSim projectResource management is critical in Grid systems. Generally most of the contributions in this area are carried out under the assumption that there is one primary centralised scheduling system. However, as environments tend towards larger open Grids, it becomes increasingly likely that deployments will involve multiple independent schedulers that work allocating jobs over the same resources. In this site we released our alpha version of DSGridSim, a simulation framework