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Cross platform libraries and tools that may make your life easier.



Related Projects

Epuck-lib - Bachalor thesis about the C# library for e-Puck robot

Wiki pagesHOWTO Install e-Puck(en) HOWTO instalovat e-Puck(cz) The Elib library The TestElib application Epuck-lib projectDepartment: Department of Software and Computer Science Education (KSVI), Supervisor: RNDr. Frantisek Mraz, CSc., Author: Ondrej Platek, The result of thesis is an C# object oriented Elib library, which allows to control e-Puck robot over the Bluetooth wireless technology. E-Puck is an educational robot with two differential motors and it is sufficiently equipped with sensors

Cdc-elib - CDC Online Cataloging

CDC E-lib is an online cataloging module, developed by CMSC 128 students, for the College of Development Communication, University of the Philippines, Los Banos. It can be accessed by all students, staffs or faculty members registered to the CDC website.

Elibsys - ELIB System

A online reading platform

Isbnextractor - c# ISBN extractor from PDF and chm

An open source ISBN extractor / finder from PDF and CHM documents. It automatically creates the format: (currently there is an old revision on the repository i will try to update it soon) - Automaticaly processes large number of pdf, chm, doc documents - Automatic Identifier extraction (like isbn, paper id , etc.) - Automatic creation - Automatic upload (direct / ssh) - Automatic metadata retrival from variouse wev

Yuliy-elib - elib

This is a repository for a project called 'elib'. It's main target is to develop a utility for indexing ebook libraries.

TilePic reader

(1) Windows reader for the TilePic graphics format ( (2) Windows stitcher of Jpeg tiles, obtained through a TilePic web interface. (3) Batch file to retrieve TilePic parameters.

Elib-test - Test eLib3

Purely a test project to see how this Google code svn hosting works...


elib 首先是一套基础库,然�是一套棋牌游�平�。 �,先就这么多�,,,