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The name stands for ensemble learning framework. It is a collection of machine learning algorithms for classification and regression with the possibility of connecting them together via ensemble learning. It is written in C++.




Related Projects

Log Toolkit

This project provides a set of logfile processing tools: - Convert from W3C to ELF (extended log format) - Convert from Netscape/iPlanet to ELF - Strip corrupt logfile lines - Sort logfile lines by date - Filter lines by URI prefix or result code -

LinAV - MediOS

The goal of the project is to create an OS for archos device (Jbmm, Av and Gmini series). We are now working on our own kernel on: www.archopen.org. This kernel can be used as a lib to create seperate apps. It also has a gui that is able to launch elf li

elf boy advance

GBA emulator for Sony Ericsson phones with ElfPack. how to install: look svn /install dir. If you want to help this project or have you any questions write me a e-mail: marian090@users.sourceforge.net

Gpsd-nmea - NMEA 0183 parser part from GPSD

GPSD parses NMEA 0183 messages and stores the information in easy to access data structures. And it does much much more. This project only contains the NMEA 0183 parser part of GPSD. Originally, this was developed to connect a GPS receiver to a low power microcontroller. The code also cross-compiles for ARM controllers with arm-elf tool chain. A simple fake-example with makefile is provided.

Hatch-elf - A web system,to build a enterprise website.

This is a immature project,I will improve it immature,the final purpose is to let it more easy to build a common website.

bitstrings and bitstring matching for OCaml

The ocaml-bitstring project adds Erlang-style bitstrings and matching over bitstrings as a syntax extension and library for OCaml. (This project was formerly known as "bitmatch"). You can use this module to both parse and generate binary formats, files and protocols. Bitstring handling is added as primitives to the language, making it exceptionally simple to use and very powerful. Here is how to parse the header from a GIF image: let bits = Bitstring.bitstring_of_file "image.gif" in bitmatch bit

Elf-crmsfa - Elf CRMSFA Project

Core idea of the project is powerful means of CRM & SFA creation that are based on Eclipse RCP and OFBiz Open Source ERP. In spite of wide popularity of Web enabled systems many business applications have requirements that unachievable with Web technologies. Eclipse Rich Client Platform provides us a valuable jump start in the creation of such applications. Ofbiz is mature open source enterprise automation software project and provides comprehensive set of services and business logic. We expect

lida - linux interactive disassembler

lida is a fast feature packed interactive ELF disassembler / code-/cryptoanalyzer based on bastards libdisasm (see bastard project).

Snakesonapayload - Exploit payload running a modified version of the TinyPy Python VM.

This project consists of a modified version of TinyPy, and the toolchain to compile it as a position independent binary blob. This toolchain pre-processes the ELF relocations in a .so binary, and turns them into input for a runtime rebaser that runs before the VM. Currently the generated position independent payload needs the address to dlopen and dlsym, future versions will only need to make syscalls to find those functions loaded in memory. A prototype of code that searches for dlopen and dlsy

Elf-php - Extra Light php Framework

Extra Light php Framework is a php framework with a very small footprint, built on Model-View-Controller architecture. This framework provides a quick starting point, permitting the developer to build the application in he's own way. Features ActiveRecord (docs: http://www.phpactiverecord.org/projects/main/wiki) URL Routing system Logging system Requests handler Download Issues