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Shimmer - It's like ClickOnce but Works™

It's like ClickOnce but Works™

Super Simple ClickOnce Updater Utility

This is a project for ClickOnce that helps with updating other projects that have been deployed with... Microsoft's ClickOnce!

Portable Clickonce

Substitution of official Microsoft Clickonce

ClickOnce master

Wizard for easy creation of ClickOnce applications.

Karaokidex - Create a fast, searchable karaoke track database from existing mp3+g collection

Create a fast, searchable karaoke track database from existing mp3+g collection, which can then be opened using the freeware karaoke player, KaraFun. Karaokidex can be installed from http://www.ne0ge0.com/clickonce/Karaokidex/Karaokidex.application.

Texasholdemcroupier - Score Keeper for Games of Texas Hold'Em Poker

Texas Hold'Em Croupier is a score keeper and banker for games of Texas Hold'Em Poker. Texas Hold'Em Croupier can be installed from http://www.ne0ge0.com/clickonce/TexasHoldEmCroupier/TexasHoldEmCroupier.application.

PowerShell Studio

A community fork of the Cmdlet Designer source released from Microsoft. More information will be forthcoming on features, roadmap etc.

Bigbudget - Personal Budgeting software supporting OFX files

OverviewStarting a project where you can import OFX files to track spending and project cashflow. TechnologiesThe following are technologies that will be used in this project C# NHibernate SQLite WPF - installed via clickOnce

Clickonce-application-reinstaller-api - API allows for you to publish your ClickOnce app to a new lo

IntroductionClickOnce is an excellent framework, developed by Microsoft which provides easy installation and upgrading of Windows application to end users PCs. Although ClickOnce has made application installation and management easier, many developers have found that published installations can be broken under certain circumstances, forcing there end-users to uninstall and reinstall the application from a new location. This has been a sever annoyance for software distributors and single develope