Eclipse LDAP Browser and Editor

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An Eclipse plugin for browsing and editing LDAP directories. Includes: tree-based DIT-browser, entry editor, spreadsheet-like search result editor, schema browser, LDIF support and a rich LDIF editor.



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aws - Easy command line access to Amazon EC2, S3, SQS, ELB, and SDB (new!)

Easy command line access to Amazon EC2, S3, SQS, ELB, and SDB (new!)

AWS Monitor

A web app utilizing the Amazon Web Services API with a focus on browsing through and analyzing data graphically, mostly from CloudWatch - the API providing metrics about the usage of all the Amazon Web Services such as EC2 (Cloud Computing) and ELB (Elastic Load Balancing).


Easy command line access to Amazon EC2, S3, SQS, ELB, and SDB (new!)

Typica - A Java client library for a variety of Amazon Web Services

This is a simple API to access Amazon's SQS, EC2, CloudWatch, AutoScaling, ELB, SimpleDB, SNS, FPS and DevPay LS web services. It uses the QUERY APIs. This code is thread-safe and works very reliably to the best of my knowledge. I've been using it on a system where sending messages in SQS is critical and we manage pools of servers on EC2. Typica has been tested with the Eucalyptus Community Cloud ( NOTE: The 1.7 release brings support for HttpClient 4, which means a ch

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Amazon Web Services's Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) offers Elastic Load Balancing (ELB), a basic virtual load balancing appliance for applications running in EC2. Testing and debugging ELBs can be a pain, especially because there are so many things to test. This project is a collection of tools to help you test and debug your ELBs. Check out the discussion group at . The original articles presenting these tools are on Shlomo Swidler's Cloud Developer Ti

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KOALA (Karlsruhe Open Application (for) cLoud Administration) is a software service, designed to help you working with your Amazon Web Services (AWS) compatible cloud services and infrastructures (IaaS). The Amazon AWS public cloud and private cloud services based on Eucalyptus, Nimbus or OpenNebula are supported. The storage services Google Storage and Host Europe Cloud Storage can be used with KOALA too KOALA helps interacting with cloud services that implement the APIs of Elastic Compute Clou

Jclouds - multi-cloud library

Cool StuffGustavo switches cloud providers without restarting the JVM using jclouds and OSGI. To see this blown up, click here NewsDocs for jclouds is now at Source for jclouds is github Maven for jclouds releases are synced to maven central Check out our examples site 1.2 released including new support for CloudStack, HP Cloud Object Storage, Ninefold Compute and many new enhancements, particularly the new image-id property for overriding the default template. Please update to the l

Elb816 - ELB816 open source 8-bit processor development system

The aim of this project is to produce an integrated development system for an ELB816 8-bit microprocessor. The project will include both hardware and software elements. The hardware includes a VHDL implementation of the processor and a microcontroller-based emulator. There will also be a PC-based IDE application for writing, assembling, downloading and debugging code written for the processor. The intention of this project is to provide a free and simple to understand 8-bit microprocessor system

Elb816-microprocessor-java-emulator - An education microprocessor's java emulator

ELB816 is an microprocessor design by Christopher Harte, Queen Mary, aim at better and easier education on microprocessor lecture. This project is to implement a java emulator of ELB816 with a debugger.

cap-elb - capistrano plugin for amazon elb

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