Firefox Extension for Amazon EC2

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A Mozilla Firefox extension for interacting with Amazon Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2). The source code also functions as an example of how to use the Amazon EC2 Query API from JavaScript.;categoryID=88



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Efoxapp - Run Amazon Elasticfox stand alone with Xulrunner

Rather than encumber Firefox with yet another tab, efoxapp allows you to run Elasticfox using Xulrunner in its own window. Efoxapp is written in Ruby and targets Ubuntu (or other Gnome desktop), though making it compatible with KDE, OSX or Windows should be simple - just the Desktop launch stuff needs modification. Otherwise, efoxapp does everything from downloading the latest version of Elasticfox from Amazon S3, makes the source tree Xulrunner compatible and finally creates a desktop launch bu

Koalacloud - KOALA Cloud Manager

KOALA (Karlsruhe Open Application (for) cLoud Administration) is a software service, designed to help you working with your Amazon Web Services (AWS) compatible cloud services and infrastructures (IaaS). The Amazon AWS public cloud and private cloud services based on Eucalyptus, Nimbus or OpenNebula are supported. The storage services Google Storage and Host Europe Cloud Storage can be used with KOALA too KOALA helps interacting with cloud services that implement the APIs of Elastic Compute Clou

Hybridfox - Happily Connects to All* Compute Clouds

Get The Latest HybridfoxHybridfox now allows addition and removal of any of the regions. And now 1.7 supports Eucalyptus Enterprise Edition 2.0And now 1.6 supports Openstack, ECC, EEE & Elastic Load BalancingNow Hybridfox Localized for Japanese and Simplified Chinese.Hybridfox EXT with experimental support for AWS Cloudformation,Monitoring and Spot Instances1.6 Download Now1.7 Download Now1.6-EXT (Beta) Download Now1.6 Chinese (Beta) Download Now What is Hybridfox?Hybridfox is a Firefox add-on t

Flexiefox - Fork of ElasticFox with fixes and improvements.

Fork of ElasticFox which now is not supported. Adding upcoming AWS features and fix current issues. Until IAM support will be not introduced, modified version of IAM Fox added to download page. Latest release is Release 1.0.6Added support for new Amazon region, and new Cluster instance type - cc2.8xlarge Release 1.0.5Support for FireFox 7.0 and upper Release 1.0.4Support for FireFox 6.0 Release 1.0.3Support for FireFox 5.0

Fabulatr - Multi-user instance starter for EC2.

OverviewThis simple project uses the EC2 APIs and email to allow multiple users to start and stop instances on EC2, without having the primary credentials for the AWS account. You may find the code handy for classroom or conference environments, where users need a quick, easy way to start and stop instances, and still have ssh access and complete control over the boxes. The project is written in Python using the Pylons application framework and the Boto libarary. Fabulatr is licensed under the B


Create a standalone version of elasticfox-ec2tag

elasticfox - ec2 extension for firefox

ec2 extension for firefox


Patched Elasticfox (for EC2 Tag) branched from and provide standalone version based on ELB Tab from hybridfox