Extensible Java Profiler

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Extensible Java Profiler (EJP) is a profiling tool for Java with a scalable and extensible architecture, allowing its usage for exotic programming languages that use a Java backend.




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This is an open Maven 2/3 Repository for any project that wants to have a maven repository but not host it in their own repository due to space constraints. If you wish to host your repository here, please contact the project owner. Stored ProjectsPircBotX - A fork of the popular PircBot IRC framework written in Java, incorporating many features that users of PircBot simply create or hack around anyway, while keeping the origional goals of a simple easy to use layer Easier Java Persistence (EJP)

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ã€�特别æ��醒】 AICMSå·²ç»�å�‡çº§æˆ�为EJP.Model:http://code.google.com/p/ejpmodel/ EJP.Model最新版本更加简便ã€�稳定。 ※※※AICMS介ç»�※※※ AICMS是根æ�®CAEV概念进行开å�‘的一个WEB应用框架。程åº�采用JAVA语言编写。底层采用hibernateæ•°æ�®æŒ�久框架开å�‘。应用AICMS,程åº�员å�¯ä»¥ç”¨æ±‰è¯­å‘½å��ç±»å��ã€�属性å��。自然语言å¼�çš„æ•°æ�®æ“�作简化了项目开å�‘ç¹�æ�‚度;ä¸�用为项目开å�‘系统å�Žå�°ï¼Œç®€å�•é…�置一下类选项å°

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Clone of ejp (http://www.easierjava.com/)

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EDF Tempo & EJP parser using CasperJS

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