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Command-line application that pulls emails from multiple POP3 and IMAP-accounts into single IMAP account or Microsoft Exchange Server account. This application enables users to use single email account (particularly helpful on mobile devices) to receive correspondence to mu...



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Eh-module-web - Gestor de módulos de softwares para web

EhModuleWeb, Gestor de módulos de software para Web Copyright (C) 2011 EH SISTEMAS DE INFORMATICA ME Framework para criar aplicações Web com gestão de conteúdo contido em banco de dados.

Jquerytreslist - jquery treelist

A tree style grid. Why is it named jquerytreslist? Well, it's because of, en, eh, misspelling.

Ehvolua - eh!volua PHP CMS LMS Framework Development System based on EVA

eh!volua is a Framework based on EVA CMS. It is built on PHP 5 and MySQL.

Jh2eh - Converts Java Help to Eclipse Help

This is a small tool that converts existing Java Help content into Eclipse Help.


A port of EhCache to .NET Framework

Ehcache-spring-annotations - Provides a simple model for integrating Ehcache in a Spring project via

Ehcache Annotations for SpringA successor in spirit of the annotations provided by the Spring-Modules Cache library that allows declarative, aspect based caching to be added to a Spring Framework based application by simple annotation. Ehcache Annotations for Spring is available via maven, simply add the following dependency to your pom.xml <dependency> <groupId>com.googlecode.ehcache-spring-annotations</groupId> <artifactId>ehcache-spring-annotations</artifactId> <version>1.2.0</version></depen

Springmole - Spring web application development tools

Jar packaging of a web interface for execution withing an existing Spring-MVC application. Management and monitoring is planed for: database (MySQL, Derby, Postgres, ...) Hibernate Cache statistic System and environment properties Quartz Job and Trigger