eGUI - Easy GUI (C++)

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Easy GUI is the follower of Win32GUI. I've learned from my mistakes, and made a library that turns C++ into a RAD, while having fast compilation times, and very clear separation into modules.



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Usually naive and unexperienced developers develop cutting edge applications but due to the lack of experience, quite often forget to test the applications properly.This results in a degraded performance of the application.Even the basic Black Box Testing performed on an application can remove many bugs in a system. egui-test is a Web-based application which provides an interface to the users to perform GUI based functional Black Box Testing. The application installation currently supports only

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easygui is a widget based, animation enhancement GUI framework

Send email to this group: for any question. How to Use the eGUI in you mfc application.By Yang XiaoWang 1. Create a CContainerWidget as a root container of other widgets. CContainerWidget* m_pRootContainer = new CContainerWidget();2. Create a CDisplayManager to hold your mfc window's draw context. CDisplayManager* m_pDisplayManage=new CDisplayManage(m_hWnd,wrc.Width(),wrc.Height());3. Set the rootContainer's Display Manager as the above displayManager m_pDisplayManage->