EGD: Entropy Gathering Daemon

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The Entropy Gathering Daemon is a portable perl script which provides a source of randomness on systems that lack an in-kernel /dev/random. GnuPG, OpenSSH, and the OpenSSL toolkit can use EGD to seed their random number generators.



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Go-membership-db - go association membership database

Database for managing go association membership: registering new members tracking membership fees links to EGD verification of members by name or EGF PIN Google Apps integration OpenID provider License: GNU Affero General Public License v3

Egdengine - The game engine of the association EGD.

The game engine of the association EGD. Developped by his members.


EGDW is a random number daemon for Microsoft Windows. It sits in the background and collects randomness, and makes this random data available to cryptographic software. It has an EGD compatible interface, at least as compatible as Windows allows.

Pseudo Random Number Generator Daemon

This is the PRNGD quot;Pseudo Random Number Generator Daemonquot;. It offers an EGD compatible interface to obtain random data and is intended to be used as an entropy source to feed other software, especially software based on OpenSSL.

Snd-egd - Gathers random data from a sound card and feeds it to the Linux random device.

snd-egd can convert analog sound signals into a source of entropy for the Linux kernel random number device. The quality of entropy generated is dependent on the input signal. White noise from radio signals between broadcast radio stations (atmospheric noise) would be ideal, but just a simple disconnected microphone or line input connector on a sound card with sufficiently high gain will generate thermal noise. The input data is not merely fed into the KRNG without any transformations; whitening

Egd-engine - Moteur de l'association EGD - EGD association's engine

Ceci est le moteur de jeu 2D de l'association EGD (Epitech Games Development). --- This is the 2D game engine of the EGD association (Epitech Games Development).

Fire-sprite-egd - game about sprites fighting back a dark entity

A small game developed in Unity3D and ARToolkit where the player places small markers on a board and the ARToolkit determines the location of the related sprites.

egd - EGD Proxy

EGD Proxy


Qt based GUI client for monitoring UPS

EGD_ProjectTwo - Experimental Game Design Team Game

Experimental Game Design Team Game