EGADS OSS Enterprise Archival Solution

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EGADS - Enterprise Grade Automated Data Storage The primary purpose of EGADS is to create secure backup solution using commonly available tools and protocols, that can scale from 1 computer to several thousand.



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Eufar-egads - EUFAR General Airborne Data-Processing Software

Project OverviewEGADS (EUFAR General Airborne Data-processing Software) is a Python-based toolbox for processing airborne atmospheric data. EGADS provides a framework for researchers to apply expert-contributed algorithms to data files, and acts as a platform for data intercomparison. Algorithms in EGADS will be contributed by members of the EUFAR Expert Working Group if they are found to be mature and well-established in the scientific community. EGADS is under development by EUFAR (European Fa


E-GADS! is a php/MySQL based administrative database system designed to assist volunteer ground search and rescue teams in managing membership, training and search report information.

Egad-chem - EGad

The electronic grisham and dwire

Delusionist - Global Game Jam 2010 - Austin (EGaDS)

Originally created at GGJ 2010 in Austin by Team HardCore, this game uses the year's themes ('deception', 'a man, a plan or a canal') for both story and gameplay. The team name arises from the fact that we decided to create a game engine and a game from from the ground up, using C++ and OpenGL. Original Team Members: Yurij Bryndzia - Producer/Writer Peter Djeu - Lead Programmer Mike Lozano - Artist/Designer Henry Reid - Gameplay Programmer With a definite 8/16-bit retro theme in mind, this is a

egads - Extendible Generic Anomaly Detection System

Extendible Generic Anomaly Detection System

renumber.vim - Egads! It's *another* renumber utility :-)

Egads! It's *another* renumber utility :-)


Playground for a Ruby+Curses realtime sketchpad

egad - Console Active Directory objects browser

Console Active Directory objects browser