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We wrote your data layer so you don't have to. Developed at ettaingroup for our clients. We found that we were using the same patterns over and over again. So we developed this data framework. It uses Entity Framework 4.2, DbContext and POCO's. The Generic Repository l...




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Genericrepository - Generic implementation of Repository pattern in C# .NET

Important: Project moved to GitHubProject was moved to github: https://github.com/besnik/generic-repository IntroGenericRepository project is generic implementation of Repository pattern. For detailed discussion please see Introduction. LightweightIt is lightweight thin layer between domain model and data mappers (e.g. ORMs like NHibernate, Linq2Sql or Entity Framework). The goal is to avoid recreating same repositories over and over again in all projects where repository pattern is used. Design


Transactional data access layer using UnitOfWork and Repository patterns against IQueriables. Key features: - plain pocos - multithread spanning transactions - loose coupled from the Entity Framework - easy transaction/datacontext management

Nhjump - Makes it easier to follow NHibernate best practices

Features Single assembly deployment IRepository implementation for root aggregate entities IReadableRepository for all entities Query definitions distinct from repositories Testable and mockable repositories and queries Automatic UnitOfWork contextual binding for WCF, websites and web services, and for thread-local scenarios Query batching is enhanced over the default NHibernate implementation

Generic Queryable Data Repository

This is a .Net generic queryable repository that can be used in a variety of projects - most easily used with Entity Framework Database First.


Entity framework code first framework wrapper with support for generic repository pattern, N-Tier application and Transaction Management for rapid development


Study and test Entity Framework, Repository, UnitOfWork and WPF MVVM based on Northwind Database

Abcp - ABC generic parser

A Generic parser for ABC This is the ABCp project page for ABCp developers. It hosts the Wiki, Subversion repository, Issues trackers and File release. Visit the ABCp home page for ABCp full description.