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A small embedded scripting language written in C# that can be used in XNA games for both Xbox 360 and PC.



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Eel4884jc - EEL 4884 Project

This is Jon Carbone's project page for eel 4884.

Googleemergencymap - Crafting a Google Emergency Map for EEL 4884

Our project directory for the Google Emergency Map we're crafting for our EEL 4884 class.

Sais-os - Cross-platform port of Stange Adventures in Infinite Space

The source code for Strange Adventures in Infinite Space was released by the developer under the GPL in Nov. 2005 ( This project seeks to create a cross platform version of the game.

Eelhandhelds - Encrypted Streaming Audio and Video on Nokia n8x0 Handhelds

Project DescriptionThis project seeks to implement encrypted streaming audio and video in conjunction with Penn State's Extreme Events Lab (EEL), part of the College of Information Sciences and Technology's Center for Network-Centric Cognition and Information Fusion (NC2IF) Hardware InformationUltimately, the target hardware for the project is the Nokia n8x0 handheld (the n800 and the n810). These devices run a customized version of Debian Linux, using the Maemo application framework. They inclu

Plephsite - Exuding awesomage - NOW WITH MORE LLAMAS!

Llamas, Eels, Meese...glorious I have written this blog using python and web2py and it runs on Google App Engine. It can also run on Windows, Linux, OSX and a couple of other platforms without any changes. Some of its features: Authentication (would be quite crap if it didn't) Authorisation (only the admin user can add/update/delete an entry on the 'blogposts' table for example) Tagging for the blog posts RSS feeds Markdown Commenting on blog posts reCaptcha for comments and registration

Team4eel4884 - Online Paper Editing System Homepage

Welcome to Team 4's project home page. Angelina Gambo, Christie Lo, Steve Lander and Julio Ordonez. We are building an online paper editing system to allow users to interactively create and edit papers which can then later be saved into a professional looking PDF format. We present OPES

Mdatools - Software for multivariate statistical analysis

This project was created as a tool for multivariate statistical analysis of electron microscope data. Initial development has focused on scanning transmission electron microscope (STEM) and electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS) data, though the techniques should be general to most image or spectral data. Principal component analysis and independent component analysis are available, and a GUI is being developed. Software is being developed using Python in a Linux environment. Early work integr

Eel4884 - Neural network GPU rendering

Neural networks can be used to draw images. If they are evolved as in several implementations of the NEAT algorithm, they can produce more and more interesting patterns. However, this is a computationally intensive process, where the neural network must be executed over every pixel of the image. Modern GPUs (Graphics Processing Units) in high end video cards can be used to accelerate this process. Your job is to implement a system that can take a neural network and draw its output quickly using

Firsthandnews - First Hand News - EEL5881 - Spring2009

Make a mashup driven by Yahoo Pipes or some similar technology to associate blog comments, flickr images, and other community driven sources of data with current news stories coming from a large news source like Google news. A system like this should be aware of the date and time of the news story, and show content submitted closer to that time first. It should also be aware that information significantly before the event or story in question are less likely to have anything to do with it.