Eee Applet

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Eee Applet is a systray applet for monitoring Eee Pc specific ACPI info.



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Ztermapplet - A Telnet and SSH Terminal on Java Applet

A Telnet and SSH Terminal on Java Applet SoftwareClick ZTermApplet to use it now! ScreenshotZTerm Applet on Eee PC: MaintainerChin-Ching Yang: chin.chang.yang "at"


A weather temperature and wind speed report applet for QT4-compliant taskbar with a temperature graph to show trend. Initially designed for EeePC, but works as well on Gnome and KDE desktops. Takes minimum space on the desktop, and is low on resources.

Eeeweather - Weather applet for EeePC or any QT4/KDE toolbar

A tiny temperature and wind speed display for EeePC or any other QT4-based toolbars. On EeePC takes as little space as possible to display the reading. Retrieves meteorological "metar" info from Has an option to display past temerature conditions as a temperature graph so the weather trends are more clear. Has an option to display in metric and imperial units (temperature and wind speed). Requires setting of a 4-letter ICAO symbol of a metar station, usually located at m