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QlikView Extension - Call EDX Tasks from Ajax-/Web-Client

A QlikView object extension to enable users to call an EDX tasks using only the Ajax client.

Structural-testing - Genetic algorithm to perform structural testing

Given a subset of the assembler instruction set, write a program and generate the Control Flow Graph for that program. Write a genetic algorithm that using the previously generated graph, finds a set of values for registries EAX, EBX, ECX and EDX that will assure the total coverage of the graph, in other words, performing the structural testing of the written program.

Alpha3 - Alphanumeric shellcode encoder

#_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________# # ,sSSs,,s, ,sSSSs, : ALPHA3 - Alphanumeric shellcode encoder. # dS" Y$P" YS" ,SY : # iS' dY ssS" : Copyright (C) 2003-2010 by SkyLined. # YS, dSb SP, ;SP : <berendjanwever@gmail.com> # `"YSS'"S' "YSSSY" : http://skypher.com/wiki/index.php/ALPHA3 #_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________# ALPHA3 is

Obj2sc - Converts binary to shellcode

This simple tool will provides you a quick way to convert any binary into a shellcode (with \\x format). Current version: v0.21 FeaturesGenerate a "ready to use" shellcode from a binary file Highligh zeroes (\\x00) Supports the --commented option to display a commented version of the shellcode Usage$ as shellcode.s$ ld a.out -o bin$ ./obj2sc -b bin -c# Converting `bin' into shellcode... "\\x6a\\x0b" // push $0xb "\\x58" // pop %eax "\\x99" // cltd "\\x52" // push %edx "\\x66\\x68\\x2d\\x70" // p

Mathpresso - Mathematical Expression Evaluator And Jit Compiler for C++ Language

IntroductionMathPresso is C++ library that is able to parse and evaluate mathematical expressions. Because evaluating expressions can be slow MathPresso contains jit compiler that can compile expressions into machine code. Jit compiled expressions are many times faster than built-in evaluator. Thanks to AsmJit library MathPresso is able to compile functions for 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64) processors. Currently MathPresso is only example how is possible to do with AsmJit library. ExampleMathPre

Kopul - Kopt : Kind of pack/unpack language

a DSL for describing binary data. Generate encoder/decoder as standalone library or interpreted at runtime. examples//A TYPE PASCAL STRINGpascalString={len:#8 [#8 (len)]}char=#8// A CSTRINGcstring1=[c:char (?c!=0)]cstring2=[char (?)]// A CSTRING : IMPLICIT USE OF REGISTERScstringshort=[#8(?)]// OPCODE MAPPING// * just 2 type functions and 1 enummodRM(mod,ro,rm)={rm:#3 ro:#3 mod:#2}sib(ss,sib,base)={base:#3 id:#3 ss:#2}R32_MAP=<%EAX=0,ECX,EDX,EBX,ESP,EBP,ESI,EDI%>// * the ADD instructionADD={opco

Asmpure - Asmpure is a library written in C for compiling assembly code at run-time

IntroductionAsmpure is a class library written in C for compiling assembly code. It can be used in projects to generate x86 machine code at run-time as an alternative to self-modifying code. Scripting languages might also benefit by using Asmpure as a JIT-compiler back-end. It also allows to eliminate jumps for variables which are temporarily constant during run-time, like for efficient graphics processing by constructing an optimised pipeline. Because of its possibility for 'instruction rewirin

saascourse - saas course on edx

saas course on edx

edx - files for edx courses of python

files for edx courses of python

edx1 - Edx Berkeley Saas course

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