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Data repository (including quakec source amp; co) for EDU2 (Prototype) based on the Darkplaces engine (or a fork).



Related Projects

IEEE 1394 Java Native Interface for DC

Java API for controling 1394 Digital Cameras (based on libdc1394: for Linux, and on: CMU 1394 DC for Win32). On Top of the library comes a RCP plugin and a JMF capture dev

Pysimsearch - Python library for similarity search

PySimSearchPython library for measuring the similarity of objects (such as web pages). Currently intended primarily for pedagogical purposes. Requires Python v2.7.1 or greater Note: code is now on github, at Sample script usage: $ python files ['', '', '']sim('','http://www.ber

Sunspotcoursedev - SunSPOT Course Development

An ongoing project working to develop an introduction to programming with Sun SPOTs. Check out the wiki at

Matherax - web based mathematic document creator

web based mathematic document creator developed with PHP Javascript with math2ascii library use: []

Testllkmatch - automatic line game

automatic line game 宠物连连看2.5自动点... demo

Cagt - Clustering AGgregation Tool

Author: Max Libbrecht, Anshul Kundaje Email:, Date: October 2010 CAGT is a tool for visualizing and analyzing large set of signal profiles. It was developed to view the histone profile neighborhoods around transcription factors. It uses a clustering algorithm to split the data into similar sets, then uses an assortment of graphical tools to visualize them. See README.TXT for instructions on how to use CAGT. If you have any questions, bugs, etc, please emai

Pyob2read - OBD II device communication tool

This is an open source python based application that could be used in linux to read OBD II codes and sensors. It is based on original code from and modified to work on linux with a usb device from

Crowd2cloud - next-gen mocap gaming

The NYU Movement Lab is working with a team of collaborators to produce a new series of crowd gaming experiences. 2010 started with an event at Brooklyn's Bell House based on technology developed for Squidball. We are in need of volunteers for research & development of these interactive experiences and testing and production at various locations in New York City. If you are interested please send us email:

Asciimath-editor2 - Revamped version of ASCIIMath Editor.

Source: jQuery reference: w3c reference: