Edt Text Editor

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Simple text editor emulates VAX VMS EDT. Uses numeric key-pad for common editing functions. Easy to learn, efficient, enables rapid editing. Multiple buffers. Handles large files. Light-weight.




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Tikzedt - A semigraphical Tikz-editor

News: The first Linux version is out. I have written a new front-end to run under Mono on Linux. It is still not feature complete, but feel free to try! Visit our new website at www.tikzedt.org TikzEdt is a combined WYSIWYG/text editor designed for editing Tikz code. Features: Syntax highlighting and code completion, based on AvalonEdit. Real time rendering, using pdflatex and mupdf. It contains a Tikz parser, built using the Antlr parser generator. Parsed coordinates are displayed as an overlay

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The TOOLBOX has been initially developed under the SSE project and then upgraded within the GENESIS. SSE integrates service providers (having variety of component models or middle-ware suited for their different platforms or environments) through XML, i.e. using SOAP and WSDL transported over a variety of transport mechanisms, i.e. IP, HTTP, and HTTPS. Thus, any service to be integrated within the SSE infrastructure must expose a SOAP interface (described by a WSDL file) according to the SSE Int


A simple text editor utilizing Zenity.