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EDoC++ is both a lint-like tool and a documentation tool that specialises in analysing and documenting the use of exceptions in C++ code.




Related Projects


A Maven plugin for Erlang/OTP applications. This project is a rewrite of maven-erlang, by Paul Guyot and Olivier Sambourg with improved support for compilation, testing and release packaging as well as EDoc reporting and test coverage.

Erlang-twitter - Erlang Twitter client library

The main goal of this project consists in providing an Erlang interface to Twitter. InstallationDebian RepositoryThe repository is available as: deb http://erlang-twitter.googlecode.com/svn stable mainDocumentationEDOC is available here.

Erlang-mswitch - Erlang based "Message Switch"

A "Dbus" like publish/subscribe message switch written in Erlang. InstallationDebian RepositoryThe repository is available as: deb http://erlang-mswitch.googlecode.com/svn stable maininit.dWhen managing the installation using synaptic / aptitude, the init.d script is updated automatically. ManagementThe script /etc/init.d/mswitch can be used to start, stop or query the status of the daemon. DocumentationEDOC is available here.

Isbnerl - An ISBN utility library written in Erlang for ISBN-10 and ISBN-13

This erlang library provides ISBN-10 and ISBN-13 validation, check digit generation, and conversion between ISBN-10 and ISBN-13, when possible. More information can be found in the edoc for the module. As of version 0.1.0, the module also allows passing in of ISBNs as strings: 7> isbn:convert_10_to_13_string("1590598032").'9781590598030'8> isbn:convert_13_to_10_string("9781590598030").'1590598032'There is also an extensive test suite putting the library through its paces.

Translib - parse transformers library

Translib is for Transformer Library. Translib is an Erlang application that contains some parse transformers to extend or modify the semantic of Erlang. For the moment, Translib contains 6 modules: gen_trans: a behaviour module for implementing a parse transformer of Erlang code. lambda_expr: a transformer that simplifies the partial application and the composistion of functions in Erlang. recfun: a transformer that makes possible to easily write recursive anonymous function. clone_module: a tra

Erlymate - Erlang TextMate Integration

Erlang server as TextMate plugin, native client (command line utility written in C) and a collection of TextMate commands, snippets and templates. What is this good for ?The Erlang server-as-textmate-plugin and native client will allow to write in Erlang additional TextMate functionality such as compiling Erlang source code, reloading, refactoring, integration with erlware, etc. Current Features:Ctrl-H: Documentation lookup (HTML popup) for function at current caret position (or main documentati

Hiberl - Hibernate port for Erlang

This is an DB abstraction layer. Basically its an Object-relational mapping for Erlang. Questions to alfrice at gmail dot com A copy of the Java hibernate idea but implemented in Erlang, it uses erlydtl (erlang implementation of django) to create modules and header files and odbc to access the database (I hate odbc by the way :) ) I am developing this project for small and pet application, so expect something buggy and only tested for MySQL! There are lots of improvements to make for this projec

Erlang Ant Library

Currently Erlang Ant Library contains one task for compilation Erlang source files. In near future will be added task to generate documentation for Erlang programs by EDoc. In some later release a task to run unit test by EUnit is planed.

margorp is a mirror of program

ç �工魄margorp ç �工魄 - mÇŽgÅ�ngpò margorp - 'ma:go:p 是什么? the mirror reflects the world; the margorp reflects the program; the margorper reflects the reporgram; the edoc reflects the code; 以铜为鉴,å�¯æ­£è¡£å† ï¼› 以å�¤ä¸ºé‰´ï¼Œå�¯çŸ¥å…´æ›¿ï¼› 以人为鉴,å�¯æ˜Žå¾—失; 以ç �为鉴,å�¯æ‚Ÿç¼–程; å�šä»€ä¹ˆï¼Ÿ ç �工魄从一线实践者的角度对软件开å�‘过程进行细化和é‡�化,并使该过程å�Šæˆ�果物对公众å�Šè½¯ä»¶å¼€å�‘起到积æž�的作用。 ç»

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