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EDK II is a development code base for creating UEFI drivers, applications and firmware images.




Related Projects

Clover EFI bootloader

This is EFI-based bootloader for BIOS-based computers created as a replacement to EDK2/Duet bootloader http://www.tianocore.org. To compile it needs to place Clover sources into edk2/ folder.

Libemu - A software development kit to help the development of new emulators.

DescriptionEDK is a Software Development Kit composted of five Tools that helps a developer to write emulators. It provides... a compiler that'll turn each emulated device (CPU, video, etc) into a DLL a graphical interface that provides a automatically built debugger for each device a set of functions (API) that provides the basic operations of every emulator (access to memory, drawing pixels on screen, etc) Emulators built with EDK currently run in Windows and Linux. A simple Atari 2600 emulato

Ozone-desktop-notifier - Ozone Desktop Notifier

Ozone is a small Windows desktop notification program, which will notify you about any event changes. That event may be : a new email in your inbox, any system file changes, any task scheduled previously or any change of a watched resource etc. You can create your own event for ozone. Just code your own event using the Ozone EDK (Event Development Kit), plug it to the Ozone and you are set. Your event will get fired according to your condition. This event notifier platform is very flexible, you

Evedev-kb - Eve Development Network Killboard

This is the EVE Development Network Killboard, created for EVE Online corporations and alliances. Based on the EVE-Killboard created by rig0r, it is now developed and maintained by the EVE-Dev group. All EVE graphics and data used are property of CCP. RequirementsWebserver PHP 5.2.0+ Mysql 4.10.+ GD 2 or higher ReleasesRelease versions are maintained at the EVE-Dev site. See the forums for information on the latest releases. This site is used solely for development. Instructions for checking out

Propcomp - Totem Entity Development Kit

Totem EDK - a component based entity system using shared propertiesTotem is an Entity Development Kit designed from the idea of writing an intuitive API for Entity behavior and property definition through aggregation. An Entity consist of multiple components that defines it's behavior, while referencing necessary properties of the Entity required for each behavior to function. The approach originated from the realization that the most common relationship between components in an Entity, is the r

Xml2xps - Generating a XPS project from XML

The aim of this project is to create a script that generates a Xilinx XPS project based on XML schema and XBD file. The XML schema defines the system architecture design while XBD to generate platform specific informations, such as UCF file.

Tinyfire-os - An embedded operating system for the MicroBlaze processor.

TinyFire is an embedded, microkernel-based operating system designed to run on the Nexys series of development boards from Digilent. The system runs on the MicroBlaze soft-core processor synthesized on the Spartan 3E FPGA. RequirementsXilinx EDK version 10.1i or newer (9.2i may work, 9.1i will not) MicroBlaze 7.0+ (ships with EDK 9.2i+) Digilent Adept software Windows XP (for bootloader and board bring-up) Designed for the Nexys 2 500. The 1200 may work with pinout adjustments, the original Nexy

Naturaljs - 欢迎光临玲� lg.js 库主页!

我的js 库 玲� lg.js 文档written by sp42 2012.2.20 一�框架�框架……为什么����一个框架?长久以�,js在�务端中�是�角。虽然从96年开始,�览器鼻祖Netscape已�开始有�识地在�务端应用到出自自己之手的JavaScript,作为与�端语言��在一起构��一�语言,从而完�“一�龙�开�的目的,但是,结果�是,�� JavaScript 早期�完善和 Netscape 自身没�等诸多原因,Se

tianacore - edk2 support for Samsung Origen Board

edk2 support for Samsung Origen Board

Basys2 - Digilent Basys 2 EDK board config files

Digilent Basys 2 EDK board config files