EditorViewer Plugin For Eclipse

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This plugin quot;EditorViewerquot; provides a a view of all open editors using a Hierarchical, Flat or Typed tree view. The goal is to provide as many as of the features that the quot;Resource Navigatorquot; plugin provides. Compatible with Eclipse gt;= 2.1




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This is a editor/viewer for creating customized greetings in Silverlight. You can use magnetic poetry, images and text to create your greeting and then save it to a server and send it to your friends. This Silverlight project includes a custom control (the greeting control), ...

Slackerbot-gtk-markdown-editor - Gtk+ Markdown Text Editor

sbgtkmarkdown.py - main application file Open markdown text files or create a new one. Edit and see results in webkit preview window. Save or Export as HTML files. Copyright (C) 2010 Ahmet Özdemir web3pointzero at gmail dot com Documentation : http://www.slackerbot.com/slackerbot-gtk-markdown-editor/ Acknowledgements:Thanks Jezra. (For whole idea) http://www.jezra.net/blog/A_markdown_editorviewer_in_Python Thanks Tudor Barbu (For get_html function) http://blog.motane.lu/2009/06/18/pywebkitgtk-e


CafeBabe is the Editor/Viewer for Java bytecodes and serialized files.

Capstone2009 - Image Editor and Viewer

We are creating a basic image editor/viewer for our Capstone project. The program is pretty much a combination of Microsoft Paint and Microsoft Office Picture Manager. The Code is written entirely in C# and uses the Windows Forms project template for the GUI.

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Draw and display chemical structures in web pages using Javascript Link: http://www.chemene.com:8080/ccd/jsdraw Major features: 1. Pure Javascript, no Java, no ActiveX 2. Fast page loading 3. Undo/redo 4. Draw reaction 5. input/output Mol file 6. One line code to publish molecule list in a SDF file

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Live Coder is a realtime GLSL editor/viewer mainly for demosceners.