edit-EXIF: To add/edit EXIF2.2 tags(PHP)

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It can be used to add or edit EXIF2.2 tags to existing JPEG image files. It is particularly useful in storing the exposure details for a photo scanned out of films. It is now a stand alone application implemented in PHP-GTK. Just unzip the release packag




Related Projects

Image Tagger

Image Tagger is a simple graphical application to allow the tagging of images. It currently allows you to set title, commands, and keywords in the IPTC / EXIF tags. It's not very polished, but it is pretty stable. It uses ExifTool for editing tags.

Singapore Uploader

Singapore Uploader is a tool to upload images to Singapore Gallery (www.sgal.org). It can process exif data and allows easy editing of other image metadata.


Open-source and cross-platform picture manager and organizer with complete meta information support: add, edit, search and remove XMP, IPTC, EXIF and JPEG Comment. It also offers batch conversion/renaming of images and lossless rotation and cropping.

Exiflibrary - A metadata library for the .NET framework

ExifLibrary is a .NET library for extracting/editing metadata contained in JPEG/Exif files. ExifLibrary is currently at planning/pre-alpha stage. The current pre-alpha release can extract and edit public Exif tags in JPEG/Exif files. Plug-ins for editing vendor specific metadata (the so called MakerNote) are currently being developed. ExifLibrary requires the .NET framework 2.0.

Jphotoorganizer - One more candidate in the photo orgnization market

This one is my attempt at building a cross-platform photo organizing software. Main focus is done on metadata editing, especially through the use of IPTC tags.

pexif is a Python library for parsing and more importantly editing EXIF data in JPEG files.

pexifpexif is a Python library for parsing and more importantly editing EXIF data in JPEG files. This grew out of a need to add GPS tagged data to my images, Unfortunately the other libraries out there couldn't do updates and didn't seem easily architectured to be able to add such a thing. Ain't reusable software grand! My main reason for writing this was to provide an easy way for geo-tagging my photos, and the library now seems mature enough to do that. The library contains some examples as we

Ima-so - A highly customizable yet intiutive image sorting application.

imaso - image sorter imaso is a cross-platform graphical desktop application written in Java aimed at sorting photos into a specified customizable folder structure. more images» Problem statementHow often would you come home with your digital camera from a terrific event to transfer fantastic photos you have taken there? Time after time you patiently create folders to put your images in or rely on tools that just do not offer flexibility you want. Descriptionimaso (abbreviated from im*age and s

Unified-checkplay-admin - UNIFIED CheckPlay For Challenge Group Administration

now runs on Google Chrome This is a script that tries to ease the administration and moderation of Challenge Groups on Flickr. This script should only be installed by group admins or mods. (Players should use the player's UNIFIED CheckPlay script). If you encounter any error, you may try the beta version too see if your issue already has been solved. If you like this script, and would like to donate to support further development, please consider making a donation: Features shows if new messages

Winfiles60 - WinFile - A powerful Symbian S60 filemanager written in PyS60 language

WinFile - A powerful Symbian S60 filemanager written in PyS60 language print "Welcome in the WinFile world!!"return "Thanks!"IntroductionThis is a great filemanager (for me, well not surprising :=) ) not only for file management but to quick play audio files and see my pictures :) (I have to say that for hex editing and quick in-use-file copy I still use X-Plore and the great Fexplorer, the first and the most easy). I think there's not a perfect software with everything you need, but why don't u

Pycprintcheck - check the printability of your digital photos

What?PycPrintCheck (ppc) is a python script that accepts a photo filename or directory and tells you if your photo(s) can be printed out in a certain format (e.g. 9x13, A4,...) the largest possible printout format for your photo(s) all possible printout formats for your photo(s) For making its decisions, ppc compares the absolute resolutions (megapixels) of your photo file(s) and the selected format. If a photo file has enough pixels, its width/height ratio is compared to the one of the format.