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EdFS is a simple disk-based Linux filesystem used for teaching Linux filesystem drivers. The EdFS filesystem features write support, directories and symbolic links.




Related Projects

The EDF Project

The EDF Project is an attempt to create a vaguely X-Com like game, but with many new features (including real multiplayer) and a _completely_ different plot, although still involving aliens.

Biosignal - c++ library to interact with digitalized biological time based signals

Biosignal is a C++ coded library for reading and manipulation of time based biological signals. Supported file formats are: edf/edf+ textual files more comming soon :) convenient bindings for other languages are provided using swig: python octave java

Edfautoscoring - AutoScoring

Trabalho de conclusão de curso.

EDFExplorer - EDF File Explorer

The EdfExplorer Software is a plugin based architecture to transport and convert EDF files (ESRF Data File) to HDF5 (Hierarchical Data Format). It allows the exchange of an entire data acquisition folder to be manipulated by common internet free tool

Voltra - Voltage Tracker (Suivi de consommation electrique)

EN: Voltra (Voltage Tracker) is a french tools to follow your voltage use (db recording + ui viewer). FR: Voltra est un outil pour enregistrer votre consommation électrique et la visualiser.

EDF/EDF+ (European Data Format)

This EDF/EDF+ API is an implementation of the EDF/EDF+ Specificiation (http://www.edfplus.info/) written in C#. EDF/EDF+ is commonly used for recording large amounts of health care data sampled at high frequencies (i.e. Polysomnography and Electroencephalogram).

Linux EDF Scheduler

This project contains the source code for the implementation of an Earliest Deadline First Scheduler for Linux.


EEG-Holter - Designed for analysis of long-term EEG - Holter. Java developed, it supports medical and logbook anotations, epileptic events data, graphics and EDF files. UNIFESP 2009 - Aristides Tavares dos Santos, Prof. Dr. Carlos J R Campos.

Aschedsim - Another Scheduling Simulator

A scheduling simulator for common algorithms like round-robin, rate monotonic, EDF, and others.