The EDF Project

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The EDF Project is an attempt to create a vaguely X-Com like game, but with many new features (including real multiplayer) and a _completely_ different plot, although still involving aliens.



Related Projects

Linux EDF Scheduler

This project contains the source code for the implementation of an Earliest Deadline First Scheduler for Linux.

Narelstr0809 - Realt Time System project, it will simulate an EDF scheduler

Nothing special in this project, it may contain lot of incongruences and bugs. Substantially it creates an EDF schedule from a set of tasks.

Eeg4j - Java based EEG Tools

During my graduation at the Human Media Interaction department of the University of Twente, I've written some tools in Java to work with EEG which focus on interoperatibility between publicly available tools. Currently this project hold four sub-projects, JavaBDF, JavaNeuroClient, JavaNiaReader and JavaEEGUtils. You can also find some more details on the internal workings of NIA at the NIA wiki page. JavaBDFJavaBDF provides functionality to read Biosemi's BDF files, distribute BDF records and se

Rtems-edf - The RTEMS EDF Scheduler

The project main goal is to achieve a full implementation of the Earliest Deadline First(EDF) scheduling algorithm for the current version(4.10) of the RTEMS open-source real time operating system. We want to reduce the complexity of such implementations, by conjugating simpler but effective data structures, like double linked lists and binary search trees(BST) for the implementation of the ready queue and search engine. See the Wiki page and Downloads for more info! 27/06/2010 15:04 Update New

Ogaca - Optimisation geometrique avec code aster/shape optimisation with code aster based on level s

Bienvenue sur Ogaca Optimisation géométrique avec code asterl'aventure continue en français sur le bloghttp://formecomplexe.wordpress.comJe passe tout mon temps libre depuis un an sur l’optimisation des formes. Je viens de finaliser une version qui tourne sous code aster. Vous trouverez ici les premiers résultats obtenus sur le sujet. Résultats déjà obtenue par Ogaca (chez google) Résultats déjà obtenue par Ogaca (chez free) lien sur le sujet C’est un sujet hyper spécifique qui ne

Rtems-sched - Modular SuperCore Scheduler

This project is part of the GSoC 2010. The mentoring organization is RTEMS. The mentor is Joel Sherrill and the student is Gedare Bloom. This project will refactor the RTEMS scheduler into a modular, isolated subsystem and demonstrate the new modularity by providing an earliest deadline first (EDF) scheduling mechanism to complement the existing fixed priority scheduling. This project will refactor scheduling data structures and code into an interface so that multiple schedulers can be implement

Eyemap - EyeMap is a visualization and analysis tool for text reading eye movement data

EyeMap is a visualization and analysis tool for eye movement data from reading experiments. It supports Unicode, proportional and non-proportional fonts, spaced and unspaced scripts. Consequently it is well-suited for research on a wide range of writing systems. To date it has been used with English, German, Thai, Korean, and Chinese. This is a mirror site of EyeMap project( The site is created for EyeMap executable file storage and auto-update. EyeMa

Semicat - Semiconductor catalogue

Attention! Install v1.01 release, if you have upgraded your Debian OS to Squeeze. The previous version cannot run on this system. This is an open source semiconductor catalog. Its database contents manufacturer, package type, pin-out and some parameters of components. This database is refreshing continuosly. If you are on-line and new version is available, Eliza upgrades database. Or you can download it from homepage and install manually. Notes: I would like to hand over my semiconductor catalog

info-f404-project1 - Simulation of EDF-k vs. Global EDF

Simulation of EDF-k vs. Global EDF

OS_edf - OS project. EDF scheduling algorithm

OS project. EDF scheduling algorithm