Eden Live - Password Recovery Distro

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Eden Live is a Linux Password recovery distribution. Made by IHTeam.net Staff is a bootable linux USB. You can view documentation here: https://www.ihteam.net/eden-live/




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Core2 - a library which extends the ECMAScript build-ins objects

core2: ECMAScript core objects 2nd gig core2 is a library which extends the ECMAScript build-ins objects: Array, Boolean, Date, Error, Function, Number, Object and String. Features: work with any ECMA-262 compliant hosts simple to use same API everywhere (JavaScript, JScript, ActionScript, etc.) fully tested (with ASTUce framework) code reflection (GetObjectPath, getConstructorName, getConstructorPath) code introspection (global.ToSource, toSource) (will be moved to edenRR) Infos: Current stable

Mythbox - MythBox for XBMC

MythBox is a MythTV frontend for XBMC.FeaturesWatch recordings with commercial skipping Watch Live TV Create and update recording schedules Fanart from tvdb.com, themoviedb.org, imdb.com and Google image search. Season and episode info from tvrage.com and tvdb.com View upcoming recordings Enhanced program guide View tuner and job queue info Compatible with MythTV 0.24 Add your own public Twitter feeds Move comm flagging jobs to the front of the queue Trigger user jobs, comm flagging, or transcod

Xbmc-pbx-addon - XBMC & Asterisk Integration Project

XBMC PBX Addon IntroductionAims to provide a completely new Home Telephony Experience by integrating Asterisk into XBMC. By integratating Asterisk into XBMC you can use it as a front-end for certain functionality (like playing voicemail) and to automate some tasks (like pausing video on incoming calls), among other features. Current FeaturesGeneralFront-end using XBMC's WindowsXML and built-in Settings manager; Highly configurable; Works with both Asterisk 1.4 and Asterisk 1.6; Works on XBMC for

Projecteden - An MMORPG not like all the others.

Project Eden is an MMORPG with a twist. It mixes social combat with strategic development and life simulation to create a "living" world, that evolves without as well as in response to, human player interaction.

Dmd-xbmc - CZ/SK Video pluginy pro XBMC

XBMC pluginy pro přehrávání Českých a Slovenských TV archivů. Instalace doplňkůJak nainstalovat repozitář DMD-XBMC Kompatibilita: XBMC 10.1 (Dharma), XBMC 11 (Eden)!!!A�koliv v poslední době vyšly na Zive.cz a v �asopise Computer návody jak dostat doplňky do Apple TV, není v mojich silách zajistit spolehlivou funk�nost na těchto přístrojích, ani nemám jak to testovat a a�koliv ve většině případů budou doplňky fungovat, nelze zajistit funk�nost na všech systé


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