The eddi editor

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Eddi is THE editor for X, it is powerfull, small, fast, and very easy to use. It supports syntax highlighting, macros, plugins, filtering, search and replace with regular expressions... Eddi is written using tcl/tk and tix.



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Crazy Eddies GUI System

A fast and powerful solution for in-game GUIs


Eddie acts as a high availability WAN and LAN clustering tool for web servers (including Apache). It provides load balancing at two levels (DNS and LAN), failover redundancy, and admission control to maintain quality of service levels.

Gantt-chart - EddyTools Gantt Chart

Eddytools Gantt Chart using jQuery, Google Gear

Eddy-quiz - Google Gear Offline Quiz

Quiz Application which will work on offline mode also. using google gear , jQuery , Dojo Offline

Tro-northwest-gilang - Aplikasi PHP penyelesaian masalah transportasi agen bahan bakar dan bandara m

Tugas Teknik Riset Operasi Nama : Gilang Ahmad Ramadan NIM : 0800498 Dosen: Eddy Prasetyo Nugroho, M.T. Ilmu Komputer | Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

Eddy - e-Research distributed data system

e-Research Distributed Data System (Eddy)The Eddy system was built as part of the ANDS funded Monash ARDC-EIF Data Capture and Metadata Store Project. This project aimed to develop software solutions that: capture data and metadata from research instruments and devices make available and automate feeds of data collection descriptions enable data/metadata management and sharing facilitate the re-use and discovery of data recognise the need to facilitate the overall data stream/s from Monash to th

Eddie-tool - The Eddie Tool is a system and network monitoring, security, and performance analysis a

The Eddie Tool can perform all basic system monitoring checks, such as: filesystem; processes; system load; network configuration. It can also perform such network monitoring tasks as: ping checks; HTTP checks; POP3 tests; SNMP queries; RADIUS authentication tests; customized TCP port checks. Finally, a few checks lend themselves to security monitoring: watching files for changes; scanning logfiles. The Eddie Tool can also send any collected statistic to RRD files to be displayed graphically by


"The sea drowns out humanity and time. It has no sympathy with either, for it belongs to eternity; and of that it sings its monotonous song forever and ever." - Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. Under Development AboutDevelopmentGame written in C++/OpenGL DevelopersEddie Lee (programmer/spirit guru), Alex Havens (artist/story generator/sex machine)

Latticegas - Lattice Gas Explorer

Explore lattice gases, from the basics of implementation to the analysis of the flow patterns. A visualisation of the eddies in the wake of an obstacle placed in a flow. The eddies alternate between clockwise and anti-clockwise. Videos: The flow behind an obstacle, showing periodic fluctuations from side to side as vortices are shed. The gas particles live on a square lattice, with at most one particle to a square. Here their colour indicates the direction they are moving (N,NE,E,SE, etc.). Grey