SharePoint 2007 - Enhanced discussion board

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This solution provide an extension to the out-of-the-box discussion board in SharePoint. (e.g : Collapsible disussion, poster's photo, ... )



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Edb-php-class - EDB Php Database Class

EDB is Php -> Mysql Database class.Latest Version v-0.1.3 About: Its very lightweight, simple, and easy to use, good start for begginers. Multi database Support. Edb class is only 5Kb. UsageConnection #1 $db = new edb('','username','password','databasename');Connection #2 $config = array('','username','password','databasename');$db = new edb($config);Select from table #1 $result = $db->q("select * from `users`limit 3");foreach($result as $a){\techo $a['name'].' '.$a['surnam

Slack-e17 - Port of Enlightenment DR17 for slackware

This is Slackware build of a cvs snapshot taken on 31.10. Enlightenment release is 16.999.35. Packages include Enlightenment foundation libraries: eet, edb, evas, ecore, embryo, imlib2, imlib2_loaders, edje, epeg, epsilon, esmart, emotion, engrave, ewl, exml (built in that order), e17 itself and e_utils. most of other stuf I've compiled are somewhat untable, so I haven't include it here.

Elementaldb - A standalone network based document-oriented database

elementaldb provides a SQL-like syntax to interface with document-oriented databases. It also has the optional ability to sync domains with Amazon's SimpleDB service. edb utilizes libevent for network event handling and expat to parse XML responses when using the SimpleDB sync feature. Back-end storage is currently provided by a very (very) basic radix-tree implementation.

ALK-EDBS to WKT-Database Konverter

Konverting the GIS-Format 'EDBS' to Spatial-Database 'PostGIS' using the 'Well Known Text'-Interface. EDBS is a German Fileformat from ALK (Automatisierte Liegenschaftskarte). So this GIS can be used for UNM-Mapserver and otehr OGC-conform GIS-Programms. Update: After ALK in Germany ist replaced by ALKIS, edbs2wkt will not be further developed. Use (gdal/ogr) for ALKIS-Interface-Format quot;NASquot;.

EDB Smooth Streaming module for Orchard

The EDB Smooth Streaming module allows you to add adaptive video streaming to your Orchard website using the Smooth Streaming IIS Media Services extension. It supports conversion of video files to the Smooth Streaming format using Expression Encoder Pro in one easy step.

Fpcedb - Wrappers for EDB - database engine in Windows Mobile machines

A KOL-CE compatible object wrappers for EDB database engine, written in Free Pascal (FPC).

How to Mount Exchange Server EDB Files

Know how to mount dismounted Exchange server and how to recover & convert data from EDB files into Outlook PST or New Exchange server.

Restore Exchange 2007 Mailbox to Exchange 2010

Get here advanced method of restoring Exchange mailbox database from EDB file and turn it into a healthy file format to avoid any kind of interruption.

Arduino-edb - Extended Database Library for the Arduino

OverviewThis is a re-implementation of the database library originally written by Madhusudana das found here: This version increases the maximum number of records allowed in a database from 256 records (byte) to a theoretical maximum of 4,294,967,295 records (unsigned long). The maximum record size was also increased from 256 bytes (byte) to 65,534 bytes (unsigned int). With these changes, it is now possible to use this library in conjunction